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    Cb750 what to do project...

    It's absolutely similar. Kaowool, Fiberfrax, etc are all the same just with different melting points . I'm a master kiln builder and you better believe I have used Fiberfrax in a muffler.
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    I rarely have an issue simply filling the reservoir (keep cap off), pumping the lever until it's nearly empty and filling back up. Then repeat until the lines are full and the brakes work right. You always know the lines are full when air bubbles quit coming into the reservoir and fluid shoots...
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    Cb750 what to do project...

    That's a ceramic wool. You can buy bags of it. I get the bags of FMF 4 stroke packing from Ebay for $9. You might find better options somewhere else.
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    Cb750 what to do project...

    This is how I built the baffles on my CB750 chopper, with really good results. You need the air to get into the baffle, and allow back pressure to stir the air through the baffle then exit. You want a situation where there isn't a major push of air out of the tail pipe, but also not push air...
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    1975 Yamaha XS500B

    Don't know much at all about these XS500. That's a cool looking bike.
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    One side carved down. One side not. And the master put together to match the seams: I’ll likely fill the crossover openings, but holding steady for now.
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    Molds done for the first set of masters. I’ll fill these with plaster, then carve them down to be the final masters.
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    Making my own air box delete, since the market doesn’t have one that I like. I want the full profile, while the rest round out the “hump” at the back of the box. Plus, they can cost as much as $400. Step 1: Make a plaster mold of the two halves, then cast them in solid plaster.
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    1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Not sure it’s so much of an upgrade, but my guide is eating itself, so I’m ordering one from MikesXS.
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    A small update. The process has begun to swap to spoke rims. I’m running a Borrani rim in the rear and in good “run what ya brung” form, I wrapped it in a Shinko 700 Trail Master. I have a line on an Akront front rim to match shoulders. I’ll either run a BMW or GL1000 front hub. I’m also...
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    1972 CL350 Running on one cylinder

    Pull the plug on the cold side and see if it's getting wet. If it's dry, it's not getting fuel and it could be float level or idle jet, or that the float bowl isn't getting fuel at all. If it's getting wet, then you know you're getting fuel and then move on from the carb. I would've done...
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    Making Seat For The First Time Triumph TR5mx

    I get that stuff from Sailrite. They have a 4 way stretch vinyl, Morbern Allsport. Another cool fabric is Morbern Shock sport. Sailrite also has some good instructional videos. If you go to the Sailrite site, then search by brand...
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    Ignition coil help

    The oil filled coil will work.
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    Hard starting when cold - '83 cb750

    +1. Another test for too big of a pilot or too far on the mixture screw is if you get it running and go full choke it will die or want to die.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Brought two basket cases home because I’m nuts. More than any other bike, I regretted selling my 1990 DR350 a few years back. I’ll fix that issue with an even better prospect, 1992 DR350s. 30 psi compression, so it needs lots of love. Dragged the XS750 home with it. A dent free tank was included.
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