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    Valve guides and vapour blast cleaning...

    I know this is old, but he lapped each valves to its seat.
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    71 CB450 running rich

    Start with the float level, make sure its not too high/low - critical on this bike. The kicker is if you replaced the brass, the jets, from the ones typically supplied in rebuild kits - their calibration is off. The remedy is to use the float valve and gaskets from the kit, but either reuse a...
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    Tri-Sparck Three Phase Stator Kit for Honda Twins - Presale!

    Looking for the 450 application update. I know you've had "too many projects and not enough time" dilemmas but hoping you've been able to spend some time on this. I'm riding in the winter and with my electric suit, I'm barely keeping warm with the battery staying charged.
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    DIY Electronic Ignition

    Love the Arduino system!
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    74 Suzuki T500 - The Phoenix

    One thing to look out/check for is a 4th gear fail. Earlier years did not have a “fence” around the kickstart shaft cavity and would hold or hide oil from the gear. Check for more info from T500 guru’s. There was a service bulletin on this issue. Oops, didn’t read the previous.
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    CB550 dual disc upgrade help

    From what I can see, they are symmetrical. Do a search on the interwebs for Honda dual disc conversion. From what I can see, the biggest difference is the speedometer drive tang mod and speedo cable routing. I think longer bolts also needed. what I’ve also found are K1’s have a slightly...
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