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    I can get you a perfect left hand side!
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    Two stroke pipe/Bassani/ RD for sale. Left side.

    Perfect condition Bassani expansion chamber. RD400/350/250. Left side pipe only. I used the right pipe on my Blaster stroker and it worked great for that too. You won’t be disappointed. $125, you pay shipping. NC., USA. Email-
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    Dt400 Dirt Tracker

    Nice win! Great video! Big smile!
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    Anyone familiar with San Antonio TX?

    San Antonio dragstrip is just east of the city.
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    T500 Titan Twingle

    Sold. And a couple of stills from run video. Cold engine.
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    T500 Titan Twingle

    Still collecting dust!
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    Jimmer's Yamaha Blaster 217cc bike

    I sold the Blaster today with 3200 miles on the clock. I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did.
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    Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

    Very nice!
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    Super sketchy micro mini bike

    Never a dull moment at Hurco's place ! 8)
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    Re: DO THE TON / DIME CITY CYCLES BIKE OF THE MONTH - OCTOBER 2017 NOMINATIONS I'll second Drewski's. This is a great selection of bikes!
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    Votes needed for my daughter.

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    Why are fuel tanks rubber mounted?

    Exactly what ^ cxman said.
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    Stashing front end electrical bits

    I tucked an ABS electrical " hobby box" just behind and slightly lower than the headlight. Black in color, and no worries with headlight heat. Plenty of room to do proper wiring.
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    Southeast Vintage Yamaha Rally Sept 22-25, 2017

    All those XS's and no mention of the XS500!!!! I can not forgive anyone for that blunder!! Just kidding! My goal is to be relocated to this region by this spring and join the fun next year.
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    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Re: My Suzi T500 Project *New Video* I really like my single flatslide setup! Now back to our regularily scheduled program.........
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