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    1976 CB360 Restomod

    Haha, thanks. I would have been more upset if I hadn't gone out there for a good cause. Now I need to dig into the electrical issue. I'm not sure what would cause the bike to not have any spark from sitting there when it ran fine right whenI parked it. Is there any part that I should look into...
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    1976 CB360 Restomod

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Retrospeed in Belgium, WI. My bike wouldn't start after riding out to the DGR today. Cracked exhaust and a leaky head, and when I got home it had no spark. So, at the meetup I noticed the Retrospeed van. Cool. Nice to see them helping out. They're from the area...
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    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, Whos Riding from DTT?

    Nice turn out in Milwaukee WI. I made it to the meetup but she wouldn't go after that! Cracked exhaust, leaky head and no spark. I guess I pushed her too hard to get there on time!
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    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, Whos Riding from DTT?

    Thanks for riding everyone, and sharing about tough subjects. I'm riding for all of you and a few fallen friends. Miss them dearly... I've taken care of donations/support this morning as I had a few too many to drive home last night. Thanks, Doc, for doing a very noble thing and choosing a...
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    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, Whos Riding from DTT?

    (Irk,) They were right about you Oh i guess it didn't show in the preview. .editttt... You'd think using computers fir 25 years I could post a video in a forum! Good APC vidjoe right there, boys! I'll take care of sponsors later tonight at home. Thanks.
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    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, Whos Riding from DTT?

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Edit: Shameless plug. Trying to raise $100 in two days. to donate. Post or PM me your link and I'll sponsor you.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Sweet. Got an artists name for those? And now I know what kind of spring rider I'll get for my nephew!
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    1976 CB360 Restomod

    As it sits now Fancy New bars levers grips and anti-vibe Painted caliper. New washers for the caliper bolts lol Tank dent :/ Pods? 4into1 has a nice rebuild kit for the 'cock. 9 bucks with screen and gaskets. One of the things I've done already. I adjusted the new chain to get...
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    1976 CB360 Restomod

    I picked this bike up with the intentions of running in on the cheap but I tripped into that damn rabbit hole head first. It didn't help that my local Yamaha shop has great prices and was nice enough to order Honda parts at a fraction of what the Honda dealer charged me for things in the past...
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    cb550 seat trim

    I think Parts Unlimited makes the trim band.
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    Work Gloves... recommedations?

    I use an older version of these for wrenching and another pair for riding. The knuckle protection comes in handy when the occasional incident happens or even getting up off the ground. Haven't tested that out with the bike yet...
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    Photobucket hell?

    On most of the photos you can right click and "open image in new tab" and it'll show the pic. Pita... But what can you do..
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    Static Problems

    Bit of an old thread that went south, but what I would have done is try to ground it with a copper wire. I used vapor barrier plastic to surround my small painting setup. I had to use a copper wire to rid that of static. If it's getting noticeably bad I pick up the wire, which I left copper...
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    Refreshing plastic parts

    Any updates on either oils? For old yellowed white plastics, cables and such, you can use oxyclean type products and hydrogen peroxide left in UV light. Works great. This is only for WHite!
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    WTB CB360T Lefthand Side Cover (Any color) FOUND/BOUGHT

    Re: WTB CB360T Lefthand Side Cover (Any color) Sent PM ( in a brief moment anyway)
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