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    CB125 Seats I got a seat for my 350 from him years ago and it's pretty cool. The Road Race .5 might be the right size for you.
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    Throttle cable length?

    There are a couple of merchs here that sell various cables that are longer or shorter than stock. Otherwise you can contact motionpro and get something made specifically for your application.
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    The Volkswagen Thread

    New wheels. They're a good VW pattern, but I didn't get any lug bolts with them and they're designed for a flat bolt of some sort (that probably came with this wheel when it was new). Need to re-cut the seats for 60-degree bolts and get some slightly longer 14mm lug bolts. Oh, and lower the...
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    Tires for a '72 Honda: Firestone? Battlax? Avons?

    I have the Kenda tires on my '71 CB350 twin. They're just peachy. Pretty sure mine came from JP Cycles or Dennis Kirk. I'm pretty sure I could get some nice Dunlops for it in stock sizes, or maybe they were all +1? I can't remember. They were more expensive than the Kenda ones and being a...
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    Grounding handle bars

    My bike is across town or I could look at it... but if I remember right I think the 350s ground the handlebar controls through the clutch cable? Worse comes to worse, you could make a small bridge with a wire and some ring terminals.
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    The biggest problem may be getting it across the border without a title. A bill of sale may not cut it.
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    Stiffening up wires so they run where you want them

    You can often get the contours you want if you carefully shape the wires ahead of time and use your wiring tape to secure them in that position. I've had good luck with getting some close to 90 degrees, depending on the actual wires involved (and how many there are), and then being able to...
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    70's Survivor CL450 CHOPPER!

    That's terrible. Awful. Totally horrid. I'll take it off your hands... ya know, just so you don't have the shame of having to ride it around. Seriously though, I'd take a bit of shine off of that seat and it would look great. Yeah, different sissy bar.
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week! Only $5600!
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    What did you build this week?

    Old PC took a dump after 5+ years on the mobo. I had recently upgraded the video card (GeForce 960) and have 2 nice SSDs and a mechanical drive that are only about a year old, so I kept those for the new machine. Intel i5-6600k Asus H170 mobo 16gb RAM 650watt power supply NZXT case and Kraken...
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    70's Survivor CL450 CHOPPER!

    Looking back on the bike again (lunchtime, kinda bored)... I really appreciate how it's a chopper, but they managed to keep the original frame essentially intact. While I love the look of some of the hardtails this bike looks awesome the way it is. I also like how they retained the front...
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    70's Survivor CL450 CHOPPER!

    Man, that thing is cool. I would just make sure it's running well and ride it as is. Sent from my XT1049 using DO THE TON mobile app
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    There's a joke or 17 there, and I'm not going to touch it...
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    Norton Atlas - shaken, not stirred

    Not much time so far. The flaky brake light switch is a problem, so I've been keeping near the shop. It's still in need of a few mixture tweaks, I need to solve the speedo issue (reading super-high for some reason) and I need to re-mount the gas tank with some different spacers to keep it from...
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    Norton Atlas - shaken, not stirred

    Finally had a chance to install the proper uncut rear fender on the Atlas over the weekend. Still working on the brake light switch flakeyness, but it is getting better. Sent from my XT1049 using DO THE TON mobile app
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