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    1974 Honda CB750 Cafe Build

    Any updates?
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    Photobucket must DIE DIE DIE

    Just need to vent my spleen on this topic although I know I am far from the first to do so. Photobucket has done more in 60 days to fuck up more web forums than anything I can possibly think of. I can't imagine how much valuable content is now a mess as a result of them breaking third party...
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    3DogNate's 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R Resoration

    So awesome. You did a fantastic job on this bike Nate. Bravo.
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    1974 Honda CB550. Monoshock. Engine Build. "BLAC"

    Re: 1974 Honda CB550. Monoshock. Engine Build. "BLAC" Bryan, you made me snarf my coffee! The bike is looking incredible. redwillissuperman, ping me anytime, happy to give you a quote on a project and by the way, return shipping is free. I'm also happy to send you inbound labels...
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    cb360 Manual here...

    Many thanks! Who has the parts manual? Bueller?
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    Re: 1973 CB500 Honda That is a very solid bike, and that exhaust is in exceptional condition, a big plus, GLWS.
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    This forum is boring

    Dude needs a bicycle. ;-)
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    Help, purple power destroyed my engine

    Anytime man, at your service.
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    Help, purple power destroyed my engine

    Thank you Doc. Yes, I can fix it. Send me an email with a few photos and we will see what we need to do. Or just text them to my mobile: 978-697-5838 Don't panic, we got this :-) N.
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    CB360 barn find (actually pulled from a barn)

    Thanks for the good words T-A-F, much appreciated. Looks like you're on your way with your carbs, but I'm at your service if you can use our help refinishing any of that aluminum with our vapor blast service. Links in signature. Great projects! Nils Menten RestoCycle
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    Couple of CL350's

    Great bike man, well done!
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    '72 Norton restoration

    Fantastic build and craftsmanship, bike is looking excellent.
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    Help! RD400 fork questions......

    The aftermarket cap is also a factor. See if you can determine the distance from the top plane of the fork tube to the spring surface, and adjust the spacer or length of the spring accordingly. Regardless of whose spring and spacer and cap you have, about 20mm of preload is a decent starting...
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    Vapor blasting

    Hillsy, here's a big fat smooch, thank you. I am indeed a site supporter, this is a great site and a great group of guys. Happy to. Here's more good news, as of 1/1 shipping is FREE, and I will also email you inbound shipping labels that will cut your inbound shipping cost roughly in half...
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    XS650 Voodoo Vintage awesome project for sale

    Dewwwww eeeeeet!
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