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    DCC seat that allows for stock wheel travel?

    I dont have a 360 but on a 75 CB550 the Thruxton pan is as good as it gets to fitting for a universal seat pan. The stock inner fender will be in the way slightly so a little persuasion is needed but the rest of it is just about spot on. Again, this is on a CB550, not sure of the differences.
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    1973 CB500 resto-mod

    I cant get over the stock tail lights but thats just me. The bike looks great. The forks blend right in with the oem+ look. The pipes are awesome and I want one of those gauges.
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    Ducati Mobster

    Ive always admired something about the combo of nerd tech and gear head. Pretty awesome what you can do with this stuff. Coming together nicely and I second the attention to detail.
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    Bike looks great, like the striping. That book is awesome.
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    Cafe ala Carte - LS650 powered ground up custom

    That tail light setup is slick as dog shit. Really like the way you did that. Of course its only fitting for the rest of the bike, the whole thing is super clean.
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    Garage Sale

    Where are you located? Interested in tank and seat.
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    cb650 cam and tach drive

    You still have this?
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