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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    I made a 25mm strap , it follows the contour inside of the chainguard and is shaped at the bottom to match the original . I have secured it with 2 self drilling screws at the top . I plan to revisit it and add an identical piece on the outside . This will enable a clamping effect on the...
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    sky team weak.....

    there is a restrictor in the inlet manifold . take off the carby and manifold , then remove the restrictor from the inlet . also the hose that goes to the manifold can also be blocked off , remove it and put a piece of tape over the tube / fitting coming out of the manifold and then...
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    Starting problem

    Finding neutral only seems to happen for me going down from second ? .. I have given up on trying from first ,
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    Faired builds

    New ebay purchase fitted .. paint is rustoleum 2× metalic ( aluminium ) .
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    Ace 50 Slowverland trip. QLD > SA

    The fuel reserve is set quite high . You will turn to reserve at nearly half a tank , so no need to panic . I also have a saddle bag and some spares that you are welcome to borrow . Location glengowrie . An idea for small toolkits , remove the universal and shorten the handle .
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    oo racing tuning kit

    Give it a try , it will make it slightly better . Ideally you should try and source a 70 cc kit from a dealer somewhere as oo racing is out of stock .. the bike remains a 50cc ,no one needs to know it has a kit, but it will be a totally different bike to ride . It will happilly cruise around...
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    Luggage for the Ace.

    Found a canvas and leather bag , has two attachment straps on the back top and one middle of back .
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    Finished making a set of cooling fins . Cooler weather is upon us so no 37deg days till next summer , they get hot whilst stopped in traffic and cool once mobile so hopefully some help next summer . Also i have added oo racing tappet covers , they are hollow internally about 20mm , the rear wont...
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    OK .This the latest , 4 × 8mm bosses under the crankcase so mounted aluminium and the bolts go 17mm into tne boss . Riding it and the aluminium gets as hot as the engine ,now the plan was to mount a generous heatsink . Looking for a heatsink and on a garage shelf is a Scott Bonner 45...
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    Hi peter , have you seen the airborne photos that the Dlra doctor has put on the forum . Our salt lake is looking pretty good . I will be some of the advanced party making it all possible , arrive wednesday before speedweek .
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    Fitted on the bike , can put my hand behind and feel heat flow whilst riding ,front of fins cool rear hot only one side made so far ,big valvehead is different to original head castings as it needs massaging to fit properly . I will leave it on and ride it until i make the other side . I will...
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    Progress , 50mm by 3mm alum. each fin 170 long . 1300 of extra fin .overhang front and back is about 20mm extra Its a push fit to get on so hopefully contact to dissipate heat . 3mm fins don't fill the head fin spacing , the round spacer are head fin spacing size , so hopefully i will have...
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    Progress made , individually made fins for hopefully maximum contact for heat dissipation . All by hand , drill , hacksaw and file .
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    I have not seen a set , only internet photos ,and they appear to be massproduced with each fin identical . I am hand making and hand fitting each fin for maximum contact . I am using a profile / contour gauge for my patterns . When i fit them after a trial i can use a heat conducting paste at...
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