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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Shaping up so nice!
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    Kansas. Honda V45. Hi There.

    But, we like pictures! Looking forward to seeing how you defile these fine bikes into your own designs. (I have made slightly embarrassing changes to a GL1000 myself).
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    New member

    Welcome! I like the CB.
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    Whoa! Forgot all about this while wrestling with the Hunley and its melted head. Thanks, guys!
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    the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

    They delivered final belt at about 6:30 pm. Took all of about 30 minutes to install, set #3 Intake valve (already had the others set), install the valve and belt covers, clean up and put tools away, and.... IT'S ALIVE! Once fuel got to the carbs she fired and sounds great! Everything is too wet...
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    Parking at Barber Vintage Festival

    We have changed our touring ride to a Spyder. Does anyone know if they are viewed as motorcycles for parking at the festival? I don't recall seeing any there the last two years that we have been.
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    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    Good painting weather is fleeting. Get that paint on it!
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    Yamaha XT600E 'do I really need another motorcycle?' Scrambler

    The tank looks perfect. What is the grid system that the CB is parked on?
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    the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

    JB Weld it before sending? Wonder how many badass Ichiban stickers it would be worth?
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    the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

    Wow! eBay head came in today! I've cleaned the gasket off and rebuilt it with valves, springs, keepers, lands, and seals from the other head that had probably about 600 miles total on it. Hope to show Geneva ('76 RD400c) tomorrow. New belts are due in Tuesday. Might actually get Hunley back on...
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    the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

    Further forensics today. Drained the oil and pulled the oil filter, then pulled the cover off of the side of the sump. A lot of black sludge-like particles in the bottom attracted by the magnet, but that has been common in all of the GL1000s I've had. One very small aluminum flake drug out by a...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Thanks, but no need for a video camera. I have a China clone and a mount on my camera. Have used it once to try it out two years ago. Just not into being a vlogger. My newest lid is from 2016, and the wife's a year or two older. We both use SMH5s and that has been "good enough" for talking to...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I will look into that if one can be found to trial fit. My head fit HJCs almost perfectly.
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    1971 cl100

    Maybe some intent probing with a magnetic pickup tool? Also, compressed air (after getting the oil out) can move a lot of things. I've seen mechanics at their whits end because they had dropped a spark plug terminal nut down a plug hole. Old, experienced mechanic reached over with his compressed...
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    Brodie's electric board track bike

    Watching expectedly. The board track racers at Wheels Through Time museum are my favorites.
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