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    Jerry's Follies

    Hello It might be hard use that exact tip over the pond ;) but searching for a rear fender for SR250 i have stumbele this picture: It is a front fender from polish tractor Ursus c330 - full thick metal, 16" wheel :) Now I am trying to find it locally to measure the dimensions. I can relate to...
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    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Hello Good that you went with vibrant colour of the frame. "Misa like it" :D
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Hello I know, i know... not against the sun... ;) :D
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    2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.

    Hello I am not fond of two strokes. My personal thing (whole childhood struggling with soviet style 2 strokes ;) ), but this bike: looks just happy :) I don't know how to explain this... white colour with blue accents, not to much chrome, just where it supposed to be :D Nice. p.s. What is the...
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    SR250, get me close to the ton

    True to that /\ I had a crash in march going to MOT: wet tarmac, 7 km/h, crossing and whoosh: brake handle in three / my confidence in thousand pieces. Front tire could buy alcohol by herself ;) Still, fun looking bike, good color scheme. I like the tail light. Original blinker flasher has a...
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    Jerry's Follies

    Hello Check this light closer: it is quite wide and chunky. I was considering to buy it, but made a mockup and went with this: But still seeking someting smaller :)
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    What did you build this week?

    Hello 01 june 2022 - Children's Day in Poland. Made myself a toy: There will be carnage... :D
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    The Free Kawasaki Z650 Project

    Hello Small things pushing the jab forward - satisfying :) Thanks for the tip about plumbers PVC cement. Very clean builds in this thread - I enjoy it and your YT channel very much :)
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    Hello I am binge watching Billy Lane's YT videos about board trackers :) Signing into your thread which I enjoy very much, thank you :)
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    What did you build this week?

    Hello Thank you :) Unfortunately i do not sell them. This one was for my Friend i had favour to repay :)
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    Honda 650 single summer scrambler project

    Hello I am melting inside everytime i see big thumper project :) Nothing constructive to say... Just hello :D
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    What did you build this week?

    Hello Kitchen work - pancake ;) And pencil sharpener for my Budd :)
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    Yamaha XS360 "bratracer"

    Hello Yeah, nice and sleak, but it looks like you've stole it from your younger brother ;) :D
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    What did you build this week?

    Hello Nothing much to you, but i do my work in the kitchen, with cheap hand drill, hacksaw, hand riveter, and bending plastic with jet butane lighter :) Getting ridd off an old battery box in my SR250 :D
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    Hello How did you managed to fit that seat so close to the frame? I had a huge gap: so I have sold it and trimmed the original seat :)
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