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    Classic bike racing live today at goodwood revival.

    Bikes on at 11:45 GMT Loads of classic car racing and air displays live all day: Enjoy folks!!!
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    1976 T140 Ground up restoration

    I've had the stool about 10 years and it is a cool bit of kit. Someone gave it to me because they had no more use and that is the way they bought it. It swivels and adjusts height and I've used it for all sorts including propping up mopeds to keep them mobile in the workshop whilst their engine...
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    1976 T140 Ground up restoration

    Here is what I'm up to at the minute. Been out of the loop for a few months due to family commitments but the Triumph is back in the middle of the empire of clutter and hopefully I might get a run out of her later today. A little history on the bike: The owner has had this bike for 30 years...
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    Not long....

    Gawjuss!!! Have a great week watching the ragged rascals racing round the ragged rock. If you want to watch a brilliant sunset whilst eating some of the best queenies on the island then get yourself over to the Niarbyl restaurant at Niarbyl bay on the south west of the island.
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    Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

    Did someone mention two strokes..... go on then :)
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    I'm based in Hull but have contacts up and down the country. I'm just having some rear set plates laser cut in stainless. I'll post up a pic when they're done.
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    TATTOOs... Lets see what ya got!!..

    Had this done 22 years ago. Who knows what it is?
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    Need some idea for the paintjob

    seeing it in the flesh I fully agree with trek97. Leave it as it is, it looks well. Less is sometimes more and I would even leave the nose fairing black as it hunkers down the front a little. Get some proper sized grippy rubber too as those tyes pull your eye away from everything on the bike...
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    The UK General Election

    I found this the other day. you might like it :)
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    The UK General Election

    Good man.... the policies coincide on many levels and a vote against the self-servatives is a winner with me. I hope the electorate engages, especially the younger voters, and really makes a positive change. I don't want the world run by nutters who would call a pre-emptive nuclear strike...
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    Static Problems

    To be fair 01marc is new to the game of powder coating. He could put the part in the oven at 0deg for five seconds and that would dissipate a static charge to ground just as effectively. It's not his fault he suggested putting a cheap plastic helmet in the oven at 100deg. what type of brush and...
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    The UK General Election

    It was just a wee poke of fun hoping we all start fixing the world now before it all gets smashed up. The shed people are people like me. People who fix stuff because they like seeing stuff work right, not because there is a dollar in it.
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    Fiberglass Question : Can I use clear-coated fiberglass part as fiberglass form?

    If you form over the top of the piece you will end up with a mould of the piece, not a fresh piece with new outer dimensions. Read up some on fibreglass moulding. You ideally want to make a plug the exact size and shape of the piece you want in a high gloss finish, fine coat with carnuba wax and...
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    depends what you need. I can get all sorts of stuff made from all sorts of stuff using all sorts of techniques and machinery. Getting stuff welded on and together is probably better done nearer to home but if you need any bits making then an accurate drawing and some money in the tea fund might...
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