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    CB450 front drum conversion

    The forks are different between the older CB450 and the 73 CB450. However, the drum brake was still being used on the CL scrambler models until the end of production. I would try to find a 73-74 CL450 front drum/wheel. If you can live with a 36 spoke wheel you could use the CB/CL350 front...
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    Yamaha DT250 Stray Mutt hard tail hellride.

    I like it!
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    New to the group

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    XS650 Rusty Redemption

    WOW! Those look great!
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    BSA Lightning Bobber

    I suspect the previous owner had been messing around in there because the bike wasn't running.
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Come to Atlanta if you want clapped out Kawasaki Vulcans or Honda Shadows. Plenty of them, none with titles. Also plenty of China built pit bikes, all need work. Most of them need a lot of work!! Scooters too, all covered in leaves, dirt and pine needles. But they were running when parked...
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    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    I liked the high exhaust. I think the high exhaust gave the bike a late 60s to early 70s ISDT style. Back to the time when street motorcycles were modified to compete on dirt with the ISDT being the premier global event.
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    2021 Lighthouse Bike/Bicycle/Crafts show October 2nd

    Fifty years ago I watched a man slowly braze small pieces of metal back into a very rust damaged Henderson Four fender. He was probably in his 70s at the time and this was the last one he was attempting to save. He had four finished pristine examples which had started out as rusted out junk...
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    2021 Lighthouse Bike/Bicycle/Crafts show October 2nd

    Looks like a good show! The reversed head Triumph is pretty neat, but I like the 51 Triumph next to it and the RZ350.
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    Hello fellow DDT bikers from Lindsay Ontario September 2021

    Welcome! I've never been to Lindsay but I've been to Ontario several times.
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    The 2021 Meltdown Show in Hendersonville, NC is this coming Saturday, 10-02-2021.

    PD I had looked at your show as an alternative. I've decided to stay home this weekend and get some work done. We have five big trees removed and I need to sow some grass and start stump removal before it rains again. I hope both shows are successful this weekend. I also want the Meltdown to...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Glad J-Rod survived the crash. Nice score Jimbo! My electrical measuring thing went kaput so I had to buy another one.
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    A very cool picture of my Uncle Jack

    That bike was made between 36 and 47 and had been modified by the rider. Very cool picture. I would have loved to meet him.
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    XS650 Rusty Redemption

    I ran his power cones on a set of TT pipes several years ago. I thought they worked very well.
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    The 2021 Meltdown Show in Hendersonville, NC is this coming Saturday, 10-02-2021.

    I knew the date would conflict with Barber for most of us. We are not doing Barber this year so the Meltdown is an option. The four hour drive from west Atlanta may be the show stopper for us.
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