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    Aloha from Iowa

    Welcome. Your rides look great!
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    my latest build. 2 stroke GT185 cafe racer.

    First off, absolutely stunning bike! Having seen what you've done in the past, though,I'm not surprised. Nice work so far. Glad you are back. Yes, things were dicy, to say the least, for a while there. Most, if not all of that seems to be gone now and things are much more positive and healthy...
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    1/2 Scale Cycle Kar(t)

    That lash-up would stand up to one of @Hurco550's fire-breathing snow machine engines.
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    Doing a #2, CB400four

    Kinna laughed at that cuz I was gunna say that my favorite stock colors were yellow, blue, red, in that order. Nothing wrong w/ red, really, the others are just more unique... something new and different, a RED Honda, right? Either way, you always do a fantastic job so regardless of the color...
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    Doing a #2, CB400four

    That green is nice! I've always thought the yellow 400Fs were one of the best looking bikes Honda made. :)
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    Single bike trailer... the easy way.

    Depending on how they are made you might be able to take one of the leaves out of the spring packs. When you are getting it set up be careful to make sure you will have enough tongue weight. (But at a glance it looks like that probably won't be a problem.)
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    Single bike trailer... the easy way.

    SCORE!!!!! Congratulations, nice get.
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    Doing a #2, CB400four

    Did ya pick a color yet? (For the tins.)
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    Doing a #2, CB400four

    That's really purty! I'm sure you're gooing to be very happy with it. Good progress so far!
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    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Looks nice. I think the combination of the bobber frame and girder forks along with modern tires and disc brakes will combine to make the thing a very unique; "old school" feeling w/ very rideable features. Relative light weight and a thumper with good torque will complete the package. Somehow...
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    Quick make over.......or so I thought.....The ubiquitous XS650 - UK

    Coming along really nice!
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    Dominator Scrambler Supermoto-ish thing

    Excellent work! There's lots to learn here and will bookmark your thread for future reference for fork work. And your wheels... really nice! I've always resisted spoke wheels whenever possible because they're such a pain to keep clean, but yours look like they'd be worth the trouble.
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    I would like to nominate Scott S's CB550 Tracker build for BOTM. It didn't win back in November and really is a great bike!
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    1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Ha! At my age I don't even try to keep up! Too tiring, too confusing... where's the TV remote? Is it time for a nap yet? What are we having for dinner?
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Glad to hear it. Hopefully in the future your brother can restrict his instrument transporting to piccolos and kazoos!
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