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    Do I need to replace rings?

    I bought a 1980 SR250 on the cheap. I was told it needed a top end rebuild. It was running but rough. I have a set of gaskets and rings. Upon disassembly, I realized that the cylinder wall, piston, etc look to be in great shape. The valves are sealing well. I had not looked at the mileage...
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    Want To Start Airbrushing ?s

    DocRot gave some great advice. I’m a professional painter and I’ve been airbrushing for a couple decades now. I’ve tried a lot of airbrushes and I’ve found that nothing beats the Iwata Eclipse for an all around work horse. I prefer the gravity feed. I have a few airbrushes that cost...
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    CL350 tank

    Here is a CL tank I’m going to use on my CB. I wanted to use my favorite Honda graphic but add my own twist to it.
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    Recent project

    Had to dust the cob webs off my airbrushes for this one.
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    Recent project

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    Fresh paint

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    CB350 paint job

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    Current Automotive matches to Honda paint colors

    I painted my bike with Milano red (code R81). It’s a very close match. R81 is a Honda color used in the 90’s.
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    I know this is a late reply. I have an sr250. It’s been sitting for a long time in the elements. A couple years ago I rebuilt the carbs and tried to fire it up. It wasn’t getting spark. Coils looks cracked but I never got farther than that. I don’t have a title. I’d sell it for $100...
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    Want: 68/69' cb350 or cb350f / four gas tank and some 350 twin side covers

    i have this set listed locally on FB marketplace. I had it on my ‘71 CL350.
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    Triple clamp crack

    I realize this is a late response. Anyway, I have a 1971, 1972, and 1973. I disassembled the front ends and assumed they were all interchangeable. Turns out they are not. I still don’t know which parts came off which bikes. I think if I remember correctly, the distance between the fork...
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    Fresh paint job

    Still have a few details to iron out.
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    Fresh paint job

    The clear is PPG catylized urethane. It's long lasting. I'll post pics in a few days when it's back on the road.
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    Fresh paint job

    I just finished this paint job for my '71 CB350. I also rebuilt the motor, painted the frame, and refurbished many parts. I'm anxious to get it back together and ride.
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    Question about Rustoleum Appliance paint for frames

    Re: Question about Rustoleum Appliance paint for frame This isn't really an answer to your question--just a comment. After spending all that time and effort I would want to know that the paint will hold up. Most noncatalyzed paint will not hold up to gasoline or solvents. The durability...
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