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    Laying down flake

    Found an article on it that talks about the gun I was thinking of using. It explains it pretty well Article:
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    Laying down flake

    I can see how I might have been misunderstood in my post. It was my intention to shoot the flake dry, and then cover it with clear. Like, shoot with a special gun, à la the Flake Buster or something like it. I don't know much about shooting flake dry, but I'm planning on trying and documenting...
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    Laying down flake

    To anyone who has ever used flake I have a few questions. The stuff is totally awesome and I'd like to give it a shot. What flake do you use and what size? Does the brand matter on flake? How do you prefer to apply said flake? What do you use as a base coat and what do you like to use to top...
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    Anybody have any opinions on this sealant?

    Good Lord that Threebond... I'll just buy all of the things mentioned in this thread and make a cocktail. I'll even throw in some super glue for good measure. That should get it. Just kidding. But thanks for all the recommendations guys. It gives me more knowledge on the subject.
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    Anybody have any opinions on this sealant?

    I've got a pesky oil pan leak on my 78 cb550 that keeps on bugging me even after I've changed the gasket (o-ring). I was wondering if anyone has used the Permatex 80019 Form-A-Gasket No. 3? The reviews seem pretty solid, but it'll be used in a hot spot to seal hot oil. I've also heard good...
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    new tank design for my 550

    Looks awesome man. Nice work.
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    Confederate hellcat cafe bobber seat

    That looks excellent. Nice work.
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    Learning to pinstripe worth it?

    Yeah Mack brushes and Oneshot are pretty much the standard as far as I know. I wanted to learn just because I really admire the individuality expressed by each different artist. That and the stuff is pretty cheap to get started. Like 30 to 50 bucks and your ready to rock and roll with a brush...
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    How are custom seats attached to the frame?

    I mounted some melamine plywood specifically cut and routed to the shape of the underside of my seat. I mounted the plywood to the frame. Then, a healthy amount of industrial strength Velcro on the underside of the seat and on top of the plywood. If I could go back I would reconsider using so...
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    Official tank swap thread; what fits on what

    This is a good thread. If not for what fits, then to check out the lines of different tanks to see which tank strikes one's fancy.
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    #5 is alive!

    Looks good to me. How was it applied? Is it a decal or real gold leaf? Reason I ask is because I watched real leaf applied the other day for the first time. Blew my mind...
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    Vinyl wrap

    Im really diggin' the wood grain. From what I understand on this build he sprayed a basecoat of metallic burnt orange and dipped over that, and then cleared over the hydro? That's how its got such a nice finish. Beautiful if you ask me...
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    Vinyl wrap

    I wish you were here to lend a hand too! I can't complain about the quality of the vinyl. Mine was a case of a good quality product with bad quality installation. I was actually still impressed with how forgiving the stuff was in spite of me. But I think sometimes vinyl gets knocked more than it...
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    Correct way to de-tab?

    +1 to this thread. I was looking at de-tabbing this winter and was wondering how. Lots of good info, including the flappy sanding disk.
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    Fresh fasteners (black oxide)?

    Lol. Yeah, The we didn't do the front bolts when we did the others. So yeah, Its a nice comparison shot. I've never done it on a bolt head before, just allen bolts. I'm guessing you would have to just be careful when tightening them down? Either way. I like the textured look.
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