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    Tracker-ish cb550

    Like that wheel, fork and tank combo - following.
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    BMW R90/6 Cafe

    If you're kind enough to take the time, I'm sure many people like myself would love the chance to get an appreciation for the process. It's awesome the internet allows us to follow/share the snapshots progress of projects like these across the world -but seeing a lump of material get turned...
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    XS750 to XS896 big bore

    The bike looks ace, nice work!
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    Darkness 78 CB750

    Nice work on the switches - got anymore info/pics on how they were made & mounted?
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    My cb550 needs some help and I do too

    They won't fit the stock 550 swingarm, which it looks like you've got - you need a clevis mount on the bottom of the shock. Also those shocks are around 20mm longer than stock, which will impact handling somewhat, something you'll want to at least consider. Are the stock shocks toast, or do you...
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    '72 Norton restoration

    Goldy you've been nominated for BOTM, swing on by to accept.
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    CB500 resto

    Nice, you're making short work of it! Brand new pipes, or tidy second hand pipes? Did you get spokes locally or overseas?
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    I'd like to nominate Goldy's impressive Norton Restoration (although I will be quite torn between it & Docs KZ.. :-\)
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    CB350 Scrambler Siblings

    Looking good! Couldn't quite tell from the pics, what are the colours on the tins - one in charcoal & one dark navy? I vote there needs to be an unpainted build in the future to showcase your impressive metal work.
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    CB500 resto

    Looking good. What sort of shape is the engine in?
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    CB500 resto

    Damn, nice find on the tank and sidecovers - what is the tank interior like? If you find yourself scratching your head at how some parts go back together at any stage, this thread is an invaluable resource to have handy. (,151576.0.html)
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    Gs550 Scrambler

    Nice, the fab work on the frame looks sweet!
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    '72 Norton restoration

    Impressive work as always! Man, the paint on those tins looks awesome.
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    Paintitallred CB550 Scrambler Build

    Re: Paintitallred CB550 Oh cool, thanks - I see them listed on DCC & 4into1.
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    Paintitallred CB550 Scrambler Build

    Re: Paintitallred CB550 Nice work, looks neat! Do you know how those side covers came to be? I've never seen screw mounted ones on a 550 before, has there been some fiberglass work done on the backsides? Pics of the alterations would be cool.
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