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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Them DR650 rear hubs are such a compact lightweight rear disc hub, WITH a cush-drive, suitable for a Classic Superbike rear disc conversion - I only wish there were a decent version which looked more period-correct, more like the FONTANA rear disc hub from Jack Findley's TZ700 racer, or similar...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Those hand drills are actually quite awesome for bike projects. If say, you're working on something really delicate, like drilling out the alloy rivets from some Honda COMSTAR wheels, so as to rebuild 'em with the wider/lighter Akront "NERVI" rims, the drill wouldn't get away from you! -Sigh
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    Barn find of the year

    Oh my GAWD man, magic still exists! Please tell me there's a box of CB750P7-ii front hubs sitting on a shelf??? The CT200 is GORGEOUS, as a guy who rode the '82 C70 Passport for many many years day in day out, kept it in the stable alongside my '82 CB750F & flipped a coin on which one to ride...
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    WTB: handlebar switch cases throttle side - Honda CB750 SOHC etc, KZ400 too

    BUMP - doesn't ANYBODY have spare throttle housings kicking around? Just the SHELLS, people! The ones where you weren't able to salvage the innards so you shelved 'em, bought a replacement - Or the ones which you've gutted to get the innards out of to fix up yet another set of switches? Well I'M...
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    NEWBIE -1981CB750kz

    It's especially confusing to think of how on my old '82 CB750F project (lost to my 2013 house-fire) I was using parts from both the CB750KZ, the KZ750B/C - not to mention the CB750LTD & KZ750LTD for that matter.... But to be clear: The 'Z suffix designates the model year 1979, the 'A is for...
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    Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K

    This is nice to see a bike rebuilt and given a paint job, bit it's sad to see there weren't any period-correct UPGRADES done with it! -Sigh.
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    Comstar Powdercoating

    While there have been several instances of powder-coat jobs done on COMSTAR wheels, some fine BOOMERANG wheels in good colour-matched GOLD (from Silver or Black original Boomerang wheels, no less) done on other 'F-orums & Four-ums. Lemme dig one up for you here...
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    How To Lace Your Own Wheels

    BUMP! Just thought I'd add something to any of the wire wheel rebuild threads I come across - People often ignore one detail, and that's the CONVENTION that the stamped lettering of a rim (if it's got any) should be along the right-hand-side of the bike. You'll notice it on the Japanese bikes...
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    Wanting to sell Hondaline 69' Jackets both in great shape !

    I'm gonna go get liposuction and ditch my man-boobs once and for all - JUST to fit into one of those jackets! I'd grab one for my ex-daughter too, at least SHE'S skinny enough - but she'd probably be mad at me for giving her something made of LEATHER - We're pretty GRANOLA, you see. But DAMN...
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    Rear Set Sale- Very Limited Time

    If anybody's still making this kinda stuff? I'd love to see something with a single tubular bar stock for the pedal arms, rather than perforated flat plate as a triangulation - a single tube would be much more like an OEM set-up. THAT I would buy. And I suppose it's an unpopular attitude, but I...
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    champion tracker seat tube

    Any pics of the finished set-up, maybe on alternative models, etc?
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    SOLD '78 CB750f Super Sport Complete F&R End

    GORGEOUS! I don't give a damn WHAT condition it's in, as I'd wanna replace half of the bike with non-stock "reasonable facsimile" components anyhow - Akront "NERVI" rims, 39mm fork & 296mm dished rotors from CB1100RB, smaller rear brake etc etc etc - No matter WHAT condition like I say - I'm...
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    JMR head,GSXR front, Motogadget, etc

    Re: CB650 cases, JMR head, Hindle, GSXR front,Motogadget,CognitoMoto, ASV levers,etc That rim would actually be quite awesome on a GL1000 Gold-Wing.
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    CB750 K4 "bolt on" rearset need input

    BUMP! Go ahead & point out how it's an old thread - without ARCHIVES, we might as well be using the chat type groups on FACEBOOK - a lot of people already are - and why? PHOTO HOSTING. The Botophucket thing seems to have sparked a lot of activity over on crackbook, but how good of a FORUM is it...
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