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    That is pretty awesome.
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    Mid Ohio 2022 Barrel Racing 1
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    VJMC Custom & Modified show at Barber 2022

    Glad to see they've evolved - I can appreciate the position of purists who love a concourse restoration - I love original bikes and have restored a few. But it was militant back in the day and that put me off.
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    VJMC Custom & Modified show at Barber 2022

    Am I remembering correctly that way back in the day the VJMC actively shunned anything modified? It's one of the reasons DTT was launched - there wasn't much of a home for those of us willing and eager to take a grinder to a stock survivor CB550 or XS650 etc.
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    2022 AMA Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days July 22-24

    I'll be there with bells on. Trucking down with the DRZ in the bed and will be hanging out at the swap meet spots :). My first Mid Ohio!
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    Gas Tank Leaks - Anyone used a tank sealer?

    Just whatever you do, don't use KREEM. Are they bankrupt yet or do they still sell that crap?
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Ordered a couple of things for the DRZ - really enjoying it exploring up around the cabin so I'm investing a bit more to make it more of an adventure bike. Adventure Spec Mini Fairing which is kind of interesting. Nylon brackets with a steel or aluminum plate to hold various things. Comes...
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    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    I like the dressed up look, but have stripped mine back to stock config for day to day riding.
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    New member, CB400F restoration

    Where in Canada will we see this rolling around?
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Needs an R90X big brake kit too :)
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    This is what I did. Local college offered a weekend MIG welding intro that I took some time back. I might do another one this fall - it was 9 years ago and I could use a refresher. I have a Lincoln 180 that I'd like to use more often and actually understand a bit more about what I'm doing...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Hard to imagine 4 valves whizzing away at some insane RPM in that space.
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    Hello from Italy!

    I had the F800ST and an R1200ST and agree - I'm more a fan of the classics but primarily because of the electronics. The R1200ST had a faulty fuel sensor in the tank that was going to cost $1000 to replace, and the fuel pump went on it twice, thankfully with a recall that covered the $1200...
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    Hello from Italy!

    Welcome Mauro! Can't wait to see the collection, even if you don't like BMW GSs (I'm not a fan of the new ones but would have an R80GS any day of the week).
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