avid motorcycle rider, always on the chase for more power and handling even if it means im gonna take a few years off my life. Ive been riding since i was a little kid, got hooked when i was 3 years old and dad popped me on the tank of his bike and rode me round town. I collect older enduro's specifically suzukis.
Proud owner of a 1987 Virago 1100, she's a true rat in my eyes. where the rust ends the chrome still shines. never lets me down but she does like to throw a fit on occasion. never stopped me from getting her going on the side of the road though and getting home.
Im a big fan of certain metric bikes and cruisers. stuff like the magna v65, virago, and those xs triples just scream something that other bikes fail to capture. especially the custom jobs. in a world full of copy cats you really got to strive to be different. everyone wants a black bike, a bobber or a cafe racer. me? i just want to ride as fast as i can go. anything to squeeze a little more power and a little more handling. i think im pretty well versed in carburators and i really got my fix for speed from working and racing old muscle sleds with my friends back in highschool.
one of these days ill shoehorn a sled motor into a bike frame. if the tularis was doable then im sure i can make my own 2smoke rocket too.
Feb 2, 1998 (Age: 24)
Dutchess County NY
Jack of all Trades, Mastering Some


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