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    CB125S "Susie" Take Two

    Cool, I'll be waiting, will do the same.
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    CB125S "Susie" Take Two

    My little CB100 still would not run right, even after the full tank. So, bought this and now it fires first kick, even after sitting a week or two. Can even run it till gas gets low.
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    Honda CL360 Floating Donuts Hellride

    Cool, another build.....I'm in......
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    73 cb350f - shifting issues

    Yep, those look the same to me. Nice looking bike, I would get it running and check the shifting could be nothing happened internal. Put it on the center stand and slowing spin the rear wheel while shifting. I'm betting you may have just bent the lever slightly. Just my opinion. I am far...
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    1975 Honda CB125S and 1981 CM200T

    Looks good, wish I took my time with my build. Actually I did take my time, (money and all) was just to lazy to clean and shine and stuff. Just tore my little CB100 down to the engine case, and built it back up to have something to play in the back yard on. China virus cause my plant to shut...
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    Cb750 what to do project...

    there's a small oblong plate that fits between the 2 inner carbs, that has a hole in it for the spring. of which, I'm in need of one, with a spring.
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    Cb750 what to do project...

    Interesting place to connect that throttle return spring, never seen that b4.
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    It's cool man, it's just barhopper Sporty.

    Looks very nice............................
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Just bought one of these:
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    Project Atlas - '69 CB350

    Don't know if they will line up.
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    Project Atlas - '69 CB350

    No turning back now.
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    71 CL350 Mix up

    I like this bike. Cool idea, with the pods, hope they work out. I'm in the middle of building a CB350. No where's near being a bike. Strung out between the shed, garage, and house.
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    Cb750 what to do project...

    Try to find a little tent to sand blast in it.........purpose????????? Is that just to recover the sand? Can you show pictures, I'd like to see that setup. Too bad about the rust, seemed everything was clicking right along.
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    Project Atlas - '69 CB350

    Yep, like this. I have a 350 I'm playing with at the moment too..........stalled right and know.
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