1. Scratcher09

    Fresh paint

  2. thedukefrank

    Broken head bolt and white smoke - Honda CB350

    Good day to the good people of DTT, Just a first time high school age builder here. I rebuilt the engine and damn near the whole bike, so when it finally fired up after 2 years of hard labor I was beyond ecstatic. It actually sounded pretty good, nice and loud w/ the emgo shorties on CL pipes...
  3. smc350-RS520-2T.jpg


    CB350 520 Lightweight aluminum sprocket. We have them! www.speedmotoco.com
  4. HerrDeacon

    Deacon's CB350

    I'm not totally finished my other project, but since I'm not going to be selling it until spring I'll just pick at it over the winter. I wanted to start on the 350 before winter set in so that I could try and get it started so that I could do a bit of evaluation, especially with regard to...
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