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    cm400 vm30 mikuni kit . https://speedmotoco.com/honda-cb400-carburetor-kit-mikuni-vm30/
  2. MiniatureNinja

    WANTED: external spring CB CL 450 forks - any condition ~$50

    I need a set of CB or CL 450 forks - K0 style external spring to cannibalize - the fork tubes can be bent, broken, rusty, the sleeves can be gouged, chopped, oxidized or even missing. what I need are the internals - the guide pipe - part number 14 in the below diagram
  3. Mike450

    1971 Honda CB450 K4 - Return to Stock

    I've decided it's time to return my 1971 Honda CB450 K4 back its original stock form. Above is a picture from this morning. Not heavily customized by any stretch but certainly not stock. Below is a detailed list of the modifications. None of them permanent, and all of them easily reversible...
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