‘64 Honda S90


Coast to Coast
Haven’t been here in a while, but I thought I’d share my latest build. 1964 Honda S90

The start

Ideation sketching
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Sorry to cut in between updates, but amazing work. That's a perfect tank for this bike.
Sorry to cut in between updates, but amazing work. That's a perfect tank for this bike.
Thanks man! I put a lot of thought in the design. A simple flat bottom tank just wouldn’t look correct. So I matched the lower frame sweep to the bottom of the tank. To maintain some of the traditional “cafe” styling I added the body lines in the tank to match up with the seat pan. When you stand next to the bike and look down, the lower section of the tank is hidden and the body lines take over. When looking from side perspective the tank bottom fits the frame. Well, that was the idea at least…lol
Paint. I know how to spray paint, but I am not a painter. I usually never spay anything nice in-house, but due to scheduling conflicts I had to do this one. I got lucky and it came out alright.
Done. I know, no front fender. It’s a long story, but when you build bikes for other people it’s a give/take relationship. I got 99% design freedom, and I’m happy with the overall product. I wish I could post some running videos, but I can’t get it to work…
Great looking bike, I really like the tyres, shame about the front fender...........
Thanks. I think the front fender would look better aesthetically, but I rode it all over, turns, etc. and it handled fine without it. So I guess it’s not that big a deal.
That thing is awesome.
Would have loved to see a bigger engine go into it.
What were the customers plans for it?
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