1963 CB77 SuperHawk

progress. Sounds like the slow jets or related drillings are partially blocked.
I will check the slow jets... Whats the best way to sync these carbs? Im used to hooking up my manometer and doing it that way. Also. is there a good way to check float level without any special tools? Thanks!
For me, the best way to synch carbs is first to remove surplus slack from the three parts of the throttle cable.

Then I take two lengths of rod. They can be cut from a coat hanger or use a pair of same size drill bits or two lengths of dowel. The important thing is they must be the same diameter. Insert one under each slide cutaway then slowly open the throttle as you watch the rods. You are aiming to have both move at the same time.

An alternative is to check the point at which the slides disappear in the carb body. Again you want them to be the same.
Thanks Teazer! I like the drill bit method! I will give that a try. I also found this and I'm going to give it a try to check the timing... Im hoping sync and timing does the trick! :)

Cool project!
Will be following along.
Might even motivate me to get cracking on my Yetman.

Have a tone of parts to go through still.
Surffly: that looks like a fun project you have there!

Well.... I made quite a bit of progress today! I started from scratch and read every cb77 tune-up sheet I could find... Followed it step by step an BOOM! She runs! Sounds pretty good too! I believe it was a timing issue along with improperly sycned (sunk) carbs. I will try to post a video tomorrow. This allowed me to move on to the fun stuff! Cleaning the poor old girl! Clay bar, elbow grease and some polish and she looks pretty good considering.

Great progress.

Do you know the story of the bike and why it has late 65/66 seat and forks and pre 65 mufflers and down pipes? Did you find the frame and engine numbers?
No I didnt get much history on the bike. The owner is coming over later this week to check it out and give me some parts. I will pick his brain on the history of the bike. From what I remember.... He bough it like 20 years ago from a guy who raced old hondas. He got it and never did anything with it. It sat in a barn with a sheet over it for the past two decades. I will ask if he knows any history of the bike. This guy had 2 norton comandos, a hodaka combat wombat, a Z1000, 3x ct90's, a BSA single enduro, an old enfield, a really old KTM dirt bike, and a couple really weird looking large cc European scooters. And that was just what I could see in the few minutes i spent poking around. He has some cool stories... the guy is 68 and rolls around on a newer Husky Dual Sport! Living the dream... haha! I hope Im still rippin around when I am his age!
Last two numbers on the frame are different... Hmmm.. Here are some daylight photos.. video to come soon.

Smoking a little but running much better. Looking better too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnLMSTsSfZM&feature=youtu.be
No valve oil seals so they can smoke a little. Exhaust sounds odd. Probably missing the baffles.

Engine and frame numbers never matched back then. They were always off and sometimes by a couple of hundred units.
So you are saying these engines never had valve seals in them or they are just shot?? The bike is really loud in my opinion for those big pipes!
Never had them.

It sounds like the baffles are missing. Are they?




Later models have a one piece header and muffler with bolt on rear mount. Early models had two pieces with a seal. All had removable baffles.
It has a bolt through the end of the muffler, But I havent looked up there with a flashlight. Well....I feel like ive taken two steps back now. It running like crap again. Now the right cyl keeps cutting out. I was getting black smoke at idle and it stumbled real bad until the throttle opened to about 1/3.... So I dropped the needles down one clip and that made it run a little better, but its still not right. It runs like crap until you put a load on the engine and give it some throttle. Riding down the road it buckes, crackles and missed if you are just cruising but if you open it up, it smooths right out and pulls nicely until you let off the throttle. :( Grrrrr.
Jets are 140 mains, 42 pilots.... needles are 23...??? i think. Air screws are at 1.5 and slides are in sync. The jets are what was in it when I got the bike.
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