1964 Volvo 1800S


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This is my cage...1964 Volvo 1800S.


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Yeah very beautiful and affordable cars

My girlfriend and I are thinking about getting a classic car for some touring and local rallys. The Volvo is on the short list
Thanks for the kind words.
I've had it for 6 years and love it. Prices are still pretty good ($5-15k) but for the first time I'm seeing signs the price is going to head up into the 20s soon. Highly recommended for a "starter" classic car...cheap and easy to fix. Plenty of spares on eBay. Most important thing on these cars is getting good body with as little rust as possible. Amazons are cool too.
I like that its an honest road car. Not a detuned race car or some shit box that kids think they can turn into a racer.
that is a good looking car!
On my list for sure. Think i might go for a station wagon though
probably the best looking car volvo would build for the next 40 years...sweet ride!

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I had a '68 145 when I was in college. Not much on style especially compared to an 1800 but I loved that car! It was made "to go" and go and go.
I am humbled. Thanks.

If you like to fix shit, these cars are under $3000 every day in semi-beat condition. $1500 even. Get one and have a ball. Check IPD.com and look at what you can get for it or any old Volvo.
Easy to get at all the mechanicals...but bodywork is kinda a beast cus it's so curvy.
4 cylinder 1.8 and the Abarth exhaust sounds great.
The styling was done by Frua during the same time it designed cool-ass cars like the Maserati 3500GT - which looks almost identical and costs between $150-250K! Yea that's like 50x more...

And the ES1800 wagon is slick too - it's often considered the first "crossover" vehicle made.


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God damn... Beautiful cars like this never cease to amaze me. Car design has gone the wrong way ever since those days
I had a p1800 and a 122s (Amazon). Same drive trains and very easy to work on. P1800 has no open body seams except where doors and hoods meet the body. Great car and the drive trains are near indestructible with that old European idea of sports cars: moderate motors, moderate handling and great looks. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

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