1970 cb350 "wtf is that" Build.

I think a chain would be over kill for this. I will know if it hits the first ride. If it does ill pop it off and slot the holes, move it up some.
Long time with no updates. Just havent had time or money to work on the bike. But stay tuned updates are coming.
dynamitedave said:
Photo bucket should be banned on this site. None of the pictures ever work.

If you place "~original" after the JPG in the picture link you can see the photos:

nemocb said:
Made the fork brace today. I sand blasted it looks cool raw, may leave it like this, let it get its own rust. Ill work on the wiring tomorrow. Im going to do what I can with out spending any money. Only thing i need to buy is a chain.....I think.




OOhh its very close....

It's PhotoBuckets' new policy that dictates people pay for 3rd party hosting. Nothing to do with this site if that's what you were implying.
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