1970 honda cl175 "re jetting/size?"


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Hello everyone,my name is Rob. i have a 1970 honda cl175. I bought brand new carbs and pod filters (I know a lot of people hate pods) my factory ones where shot. The one boot was ripped in half and the other was in rough shape..anyway so I installed them and cupped the exhaust (no muffler, straight piped) it runs and idles sometimes its a little rough and back fires/bogs at idle revving it. I adjusted the air fuel screw a tad which helped it run better not as bad with bogging but I know I should re jet it to run this set up.

I am also on the fence with either doing the lollipop mod in the pipe or building the day baffle..not sure. So my question is does anyone know a proper size jet I should run in it? I do not know the size that's in it at the moment,they are brand new factory settings so I'm assuming its stock jetting.

I do apologize for any annoyance and noobness. I've ridden all my life 2 strokes and 4 strokes but this is my first motorcycle twin. I understand that I do need to re jet I just don't know if there is a common size that I should run. Like I said it runs and rides fine but does backfire sometimes (like a lean back fire) its not rich not black smoke which is rather have. I will be pulling the plugs to see how they are burning.

Thanks again and I appreciate any feed back.


This is my pig,I hope the picture uploads and if not sorry about that


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I'm in the same boat. My 1970 CB175 has been cut by the previous owner, as well as the airbox being replaced by pods. Did you ever get yours running right?here's a couple pics of when I got it to now.

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