1974 Honda CB750 Cafe Build

mach said:
I have a stator cover that looks as bad as yours did. What did you fill the gouges with? Thanks.
Swan will tell us for sure, but I think he filed not filled... as in used a file to remove the scars.
The scars were filed and sanded down. If it were to be painted, I would have filled it with Lab Metal.
swan said:
Quick update: Cycle X has not sent my valves and guides yet. I was told by a friend their online ordering system sucks and I need to call them tomorrow, grrr.... I removed out the bad exhaust valve guides.

Nice job as usual.

Q: What is that tool doing there and why is the top of the guide broken off? Is it safe to assume that you know that the head has to be really hot before the guides and pressed or knocked out and you need a special shouldered punch. Others reading the thread might not be aware of that.

It's been my experience that Honda valve guides rarely wear, so I assume that you measured them and determined they were out of spec.
Hoosier Daddy said:
Swan will tell us for sure, but I think he filed not filled... as in used a file to remove the scars.

Funny, sad part is I read it twice to see if he mentioned what he 'filled' it with. Reading is FUNdamental.

cardinal said:
Will we get to see the rest of this awesome build Swan?
Life, work, play, girlfriend, blah blah.. I know excuses, but I have other priorities before I can get back at it. Good news, the motor and carbs, and rolling chassis are done, so the rest will go faster.
Howdy! I'm new here and don't really know how everything works. But I've been reading this blog on your project and love it. I'm rebuilding a 1970 CB750. It's built late in that model run. I've got another K) and a K2 sitting in the garage olong with it. My question is that I'm trying to find an partial or complete exhaust/muffler that has a look close to that of a early 70's Norton 750 commando. I would prefer a 4 into 2 set up but a 4 into 1 I would consider. I am trying to find a system that approximates the angle of muffler, which exits well above the axle at a high angle. If anyone can give me a link or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks.
rlvitt, thanks. Try looking for a used Mac, Kerker or other 4 into two set of pipes and then use Norton mufflers (silencers) from http://www.commandospecialties.com/products.asp. Of course you will need to tune your carbs to match your new exhaust, easier said than done, but always use OEM Honda carb parts.
Still on the back burner. I moved the bike to my new garage, winter is coming soon and I will get back on it once again.
Sorry guys, still in my garage, I have it on hold, work and life get in the way. Riding my other bikes as much as possible.
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