1974 Honda CL200 Scrambler


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So I picked up my first bike, pretty certain I overpaid for it but once I saw it I just had to have it, and the owner was willing to hold it for a few weeks till I got her the funds. She had put some money and work into it already, however it sat up for about a year and a half since being in the shop. I've got it running, however it does not idle right, and won't run off of full choke very much. I did have it running pretty well for about 30-45 minutes yesterday, but it struggles at the top end, and gets worse the longer you ride. I will be putting it inside and tearing it down soon, as I am a very experienced mechanic (auto/lt duty trucks) but I have never touched a motorcycle a day in my life until 2 days ago, (first ride was hilarious, whisky throttle and all ) so I am looking for somewhere to get some technical advice from more experienced enthusiasts. I'm going to start with cleaning/rebuilding the carbs, (as needed) and I am expecting to need a little advice on retuning. Anyways, anyone that may have some knowledge for me, please give me a shot. Oh yeah, and I snapped the kickstarter spindle the first night... Luckily the chick that sold it to me had full part explosions for the entire bike, manuals, and part numbers for each and every nut and bolt on the bike, so I ordered the last spindle on earth off of eBay...


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