1975 CB125 parts


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I am looking for several parts for CB125 . Front forks, rear shocks, rims, a tank (may be a cb200 as well) and more. If anyone has anything they want to rid of let me know.

I have an exaust and a front rim with a disk break.. If I were you I'd look for front forks from a 76-79, I just got a set for my 75 and they're built a lot better. Just some friendly advice.
Eyhonda: sent a pm back.

As far as using a 76-79 are these forks compatible with the disc brake?

I appreciate the help guys.
To clarify the situation with forks. I have the original pair however on the right side the bosses that mount the fender are broken and the internal threads that accepts the fork top bolt are mangled so I can't get the bolt in. Thought about chasing the threads with a home made chaser but can't see it working as its in pretty bad shape.
The 81 forks I have came originally with a drum brake but closer inspection shows bosses (two) that may hold the disc brake setup. I'll post a pic later so you can confirm if it will work. If it does, it will have the capability to use either setup.
You'd actually be a lot better off going with a drum in front if you can, the disk brake is pretty useless. I also forgot to mention that you'd need new triples if you go with newer model forks. Newer forks don't screw in like the 75 model.
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