1977 GS750 Cafe Build (getting close)

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Thanks pete, I had to google bulbous, could be the angle, in person it looks quite well, I'll put a diff picture up and see what ya think. I did need it large to fit all the eletronics under. I did take your advise and move the r&r. Thanks for the input.

Hoosier Daddy

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Get some padding and a cover on the seat and that should tame down the big ass pod look.
She's looking pretty damn good from here!

...and I didn't have to Google "bulbous" ;)

Cafe Redneck

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I forgot all about posting a another pic. It may be a couple of weeks before I can get the seat done. Going to Chicago land next weekend to visit the inlaws, hope to catch Modvrockers while I'm there. I've put about 5 mile on the bike today trying to get carbs right. next step carb syn, then go from there. I have to say its running better then I thouht it would without jets.
Thanks Hoosier, I'm liking it!!!



Looking REALLY sharp! Not sure if someone mentioned it yet, but you may prefer the handling with a fork brace on it. I removed the front fender from mine and could definitely tell the difference when the brace went back on.


You cant put a price on awesome.
Totally dig the motorcycle in the living room! You can not be married! haha The bike looks pretty awesome Bruce.

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Thanks Autotek, that's is the non smoking, non finished area of the man cave. Wife would beat my ass if I brought a motorcycle up stair's :)

Hoosier Daddy

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On my GS I used the inner brace from the old front fender for a poor mans fork brace. A Superbrace unit would be much better if you can find one, but this'll do in a pinch. ;)


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Lovely project mate, really liking the colour combo alongside the polishing 8)

I'm at a similar stage with my GS750 project, and know how challenging it can be relocating the electrics. Good effort on building your own tail unit too!!! :)


Cafe Redneck

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Thanks Guy's, I really need to get some more pictures up. Hoosier, I think I seen you do that on one of your post, I got my old fender and was ready to cut it up, but it cleaned up pretty good so I remounted it.

Thanks Guys

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