1980 xs650 frame hoop


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You know the hoop at the end of the seat? I want to build one that is flat with the rest of the seat frame. And a more squared off one would be ideal.

Does anyone know where I can get one, or have one made?

If someone here has the ability to make one I would be interested in putting them to work!

You could pack some tubing with dry, dry sand, cap the ends and put the tube in a charcoal barbecue. Then bend it over a wooden buck. Not as hard as it sounds.
there's a guy on here called "cafegoose" who makes frame hoops. that's where i got the hoop for my build, and he was super nice and pleasant to deal with. i'm sure if you contacted him with more specific details of what you were looking for, he could whip something up for you for a heck of a lot cheaper than DCC.
oh, and i've tried the "pack it with sand" idea...i was a disaster, haha. not saying it can't work, i actually think it very well could, only don't use a wood form to bend the tube around. at least in my experience, the tube was so hot, it started to burn into the wood, thus changing the specific geometry i was trying to achieve.
also, i found it is hard to get a consistent level of heat along the entire area you're trying to bend, which makes it hard to get a smooth bend. again, i think this approach can be done, but from my experience, i would recommend you make the form from metal, and be very careful and attentive to whether the tube has a consistent temperature throughout the area of the bend.
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