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I have been working on this for about a year and a half. I started out tryin to recreated the 1940 era bobbers and here is where i am.


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Jeez that's one crazy fork. A bit too far out, both literally and figuratively, for me.
Yeah i am 6 over on the fork but didnt rake it just pushed it out wanted to keep the leaf push as perpendicular as i could
That fork will have absolutely no damping affect, it's just a bare spring. Have you taken that into consideration?
I have been looking at that the closer i get. I love the look of this leaf spring but need to figure out some way to dampen a bit.
I wouldn't pass any sort of judgement (at all) until I saw some wheels on it. What size front are you running? The angles make the spring look a lot higher and longer than perhaps it actually is.

I like it :) In so far as the performance of the front suspension is concerned, well, I'm no pro so I'll keep my mouth shut. Not really designed to carve up the mountains anyhow is it.
Dig the idea. Bit like the early indians. Looks like your leaf may be too stiff and most definitely too long. Some guys on this board are great with suspension geometry and will be glad to help you out (they'll probably flame you first but don't take it personal). I hope it turns out great, good luck!
Thanks yeah I posted it figuring I would get a bit of flack and hopefully some ideas. This front end was my first attempt, I do know i needs some refining so any input is great and most definatly appreciated.
Im not a pro, or even slightly versed in suspension geometry, but your fron legs on the forks seemingly need to be way closer to parralell to the rear legs so that they absorb the full shock of the wheel travel. (If that makes sense). Also, the spring needs to be much shorter I believe to provide damping, without springing back and creating a loss of control in the front end... Again, just thinking out loud here based on older factory designs, and some of the things Ive been lucy enought to learn from the guys here who actually do know their shit.

Its a very cool concept though, and I hope you stick with it through the end.

Some examples of what I mean:


I know automotive suspension and geometry, So far, I've left my motorcyles to the engineers who design them.
You design concerns me, what did the spring come off from?
It looks aweful heavy, hope it flexes, if it does it will be like riding a pogo stick without a dampener of some sort.
Now those tubes, what are they? With that length the forces that is going to see I hope it's some high strength tubing. Your hardware (fasteners) needs to be high strength, (grade 8 )as well.

Take a quick read of this... http://www.springerfrontendkits.com/articles/rake-and-trail/ for rake and trail basics

I LOVE BEEZERS! So I'm not flaming, just trying to get inside your head. I like the look of leaf sprung front ends and am VERY interested in your build!

Thanks for the feed back, it is one of the things I am loving about this venue. i dont consider it "Falming" at all. to answer a few of your questions, the spring is actually a 300lb trailer leaf spring, and I agree much moe like a pogo stick right now. I plan on shortening it this week and testing a bit more as this has been a bit or trial and error. The down tubes are 1 1/8 Chromoly steel with .250 walls and the traveler tubes ar 3/4 " Chromoly with .125 sidewalls all hardware is grade 8

For a bit more detail i have wheels being finished now, the rear is a 180 series 16" harley rim laced to the stock hub, the front is a 19" laced to a duel leading shoe hub off of a 68 BSA. Hopefully I get these back from powdre coating this week and i can get those on to test a bit more.


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I've not looked closely at this fork design before, but the those Indians sure are preedy!
I'm interest to see where this goes.
Some of the things I like about this forum are that its international and no ones gets all gung ho on anyones ass, and people don't have hysterical hissy fits in judgement over other peops projects.

I can see what Hoosier is saying, and I can imagine a spring that length would get a tad whippy . And I think those Indian front ends are very stylish, to say the least.
You know you want to ;)
my uncle in missouris gotta seat like that.. badass, my next bike will be a shovelhead bobber build and it will def have a seat something like that. i love that raw cowhide burnt look.. u got that.. automatic badass.. hes a outlaw btw and a mean mfer, best fist fighter ive ever seen.. my dad told me before i was born he would get drunk and fight all the time he knocked this guy unconcious jumped off the bed of his truck and smashed his skull in with his boots. we live and he lived in chicago once he got out of prison moved to missouri and never came back. i just seen him 2 months ago and same type of seat. u live in missouri?
oh and funny story his first bike was a 68 BSA lightning. i had it in my garage till i was 12 and my dad sold it for 400 dollars at a garage sale so i could get braces and it ran!!! i was so pissed, it would be worth upwards of 18Gs now.. i told my dad ide rather have crooked teeth lol i wanted it even when i was 12 i was a motor head and i loved that chrome tank
I am a huge fan of the leaf sprung front ends. I can dig your build, man.

Even the shorter length stock Indian front ends are pogo sticks.

There was a cat racing in the open class at Barber on an old Indian. His front end was hopping like mad everytime he slowed for a corner. Literally bouncing up and down. Had to be terrifying and exhilerating at the same time.
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