'67 Honda CL77 305 Parts


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A 1967 CL77 caught my eye on Craigslist this afternoon, but by the sound of the ad, it doesn't run. The motor turns and all the parts are there, but the seller leaves it at that.

Assuming that there may be more needed than a good tear-down and cleaning, I'm trying to find out how available, and how expensive, replacement parts will be. While I scour the internet, does anybody have a good idea about how difficult it will be to find parts and where I may be able to find them?

Also, here's the ad: http://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/3851538412.htm
CMSNL for old Honda parts.

I have a 64 ca77 which is very similar. Some parts are a pain or very expensive to get but most aren't bad and readily available. I used classichondarestorations.com for most of the parts I needed.. The exhaust rusts out easily and is harder to find and expensive when you do find it... Pm me if you have questions.
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