'73 CB350G take II: The 3-4-5 - Designing and 3D printing stockish parts

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Can you please use the image uploader built into the website so we can actually see your pictures.
This is what we all see.


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dynamitedave, you can get an app for the browser you use that will make the pictures show up for all photobucket feeds. I use photobucket hotlink fix for chrome - available in the app store.

An update!

I've finally got the motor back in the frame and some other bits bolted on. I ended up laying the engine on its side and lowered the frame onto it, and to be honest I fumbled with it for about 15 minutes before it literally fell into place. I still have no idea how to actually put the motor into these frames. I also rebuilt the swingarm with shiny new bronze bushings and it'll be a shame to cover them back up when my new dust seals arrive (only assembled for fitment at the moment). Also tapped a new M6 zerk to make it easier to lube with my grease gun. I also got the exhaust mounted up with the hanger bracket to figure out just how far I have to bend it to get the mufflers to stop touching and to clear the shock. Luckily, not far.

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Got my wheels back from Buchanan. Excel Al rims with beautiful stainless spokes mated to the satin black powdercoated hubs with all balls sealed bearings! Front hub is CL450 with a 19" hoop. Rear is stock 18" from the CB350. Wrapped them all up in some Continental TKC70s. I also got the stem from the CB350 pressed out and into whatever 35mm fork clamps I'm using (can't remember if its 450 or 550...). I also have a new cog set from Rebel gears for my chain conversion to add, buuuuut it appears that I'm moving to Boston, so this project will probably be on hold until late spring/summer when I get the bike up from PA to New England.

wheels by J L, on Flickr
Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5

So I managed to move from PA to Boston in March '18 and the bike project had to be put on hold. Luckily I got the bike out of my storage unit and am putting it back together at a friend's place. I managed to find my [overpriced] NOS cush drive bushings and bang them into place today. The old ones were destroyed upon removing them for powdercoating the hubs. I've got a new upgraded 520 sprocket set to add as soon as I can find what box its in...

But until then some sweet, sweet cush drive progress!


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finally an update. I FINALLY got the bearing/bearing retainer in. When I initially took the retainer out the threads became pretty knackered. I tried to clean them up initially, but when i tried to assemble with the new retainer it became completely galled in place. It wouldn't back out. A breaker bar wouldn't help. I even tapped in 3 bolt holes into it and attached a 3' bar but ended up snappping part of the retainer off. I dremeled the little bastard out eventually. I bought an NES internal thread repair tool but it wouldn't reach down deep enough without removing the bearings. So I removed the bearings, cleaned the threads, swapped in fresh bearings (for fear of having damaged the other ones after pulling them) and used a bit of anti-sieze and I am FINALLY done with the rear wheel.

So the rear wheel now has a powder coated hub, new Al wheel and stainless spokes, new tire, NOS cush drive bushings, NOS drive bolts, new all balls sealed bearings, a new Al cog and new nut retainers. Can't wait to finally mount it and have a roller again!

IMG_20190324_142921 by J L, on Flickr
Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 Finally a Roller!!!!

I've FINALLY got the rear wheel sorted. I got to spend some time after work at my buddy's place where the bike is being stored before daylight ran out. Finally got the wheels and front suspension hooked up. I am very pleased with how it is turning out.
IMG_20190405_175035 by J L, on Flickr
IMG_20190405_175656 by J L, on Flickr
IMG_20190405_183255 by J L, on Flickr
IMG_20190405_184455 by J L, on Flickr
Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 Now it is a roller!

Read through this thread, very nice work, way to stick with it.

I really like those wheels
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Thanks! I am really happy with the wheels too. Buchanan did a fantastic job lacing up the aluminum hoops.
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Went to go do some more work last week and came to the realization that a lot of the rubber bits have been either lost or are too dry rotted to trust. So I gathered a bunch of part numbers and placed some orders. And I also finally ordered my new 520 chain and chainbreaker. New tools and new parts, it feels like Christmas!

parts by J L, on Flickr
Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 Now it is a roller!

I can't even remember the last time I was able to sit in the seat on the bike! Unfortunately I left the keys at home. So after snapping the seat in place I couldn't even add the tank. Still very happy with the progress.

somewhat together by J L, on Flickr
seatview by J L, on Flickr
Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 - Might actually be running soon..

Incremental progress as always. I added some new stainless bolts, fitted the new air filters and did a few other tiny things that really add up. I also trimmed the sprocket cover so I can actually take it off when the exhaust support is still attached. Most importantly, though, I got a new chain to go with the 520 sprocket conversion. Also, I took the fender, tank and trim pieces off to paint in 2 weeks. Also debating if/how much to bob the rear fender. I've go the LED taillight mocked up in place. I'm really not sure just how much I'll want to trim it. I can still set the bike up to my liking without bobbing it and just trim later if I'd like though.



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Slowly but surely. Getting ready for paint job 2.0. The gas tank and associated bits will be a seafoamish green color. Prep is key (and takes forever). Also sent out the rest of the bits off to get powdercoated to match the rest of the bike. Note, the CL specific mechanic stand will be used instead of the CB350 one so it doesn't keep bashing into the swingarm every time i let it go. Just need to source the stopper or make a new one.

Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 - Might actually be running soon...

Lots of progress today! Had to wait on a few bits and bobs to arrive so I could keep progressing with good parts. Today's hurdle was tackling the fenders, getting the new center stand on and a few other items.

One of the parts I was waiting on was the CL350 center stand to get done with the powdercoater. Since I'm using the CL pipes, my CB center stand would come crashing into the swingarm or into the chain. The CL has a nice little stopper attached to it, and also has a slightly smaller foot lever part that doesn't stick out so far.


Also got the brake light mounted. A rivnut puller is one of my most favorite tools. Put three rivnuts into the fender so I don't have to worry about trying to mount nuts blindly under the fender any time I want to remove the tail light. I'm also able to use the stock holes for the wiring and the wiring channel too.




I also blocked out what I wanted to chop from my fenders, chopped them, and then undercoated them too. I'm waiting for them to dry overnight and will mount them up tomorrow!

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Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5 - Might actually be running soon...

Starting to look like a motorcycle again....


So, I haven't been able to work on the bike as much as I wanted due to the whole social distancing thing (and my bike living across town at a friend's place). I also unfortunately got laid off from work too, but that means extra free time! As a way to progress my projects and also do some professional development I've been practicing in Autodesk 360. Such amazing software! My goal is to make a stock-ish looking airbox setup that can be used with stock carbs and/or Mikunis. I'm 3D printing the parts in PLA for now, but will move to ABS once the mockups are complete and I have a working setup. I'll also print the grommets in TPU custom for the carb setup. I'm pretty excited about it. Here is V1.0. It's not too far off. I've got some minor clearance issues and need to make a few adjustments but I am incredibly pleased with my first go-round. I'm not done with the design phase either, but I already have 25% increase in filter surface area compared to stock. I'll also be adding a depression on the outside face of the filter holder that will hold even more element. This bike should be breathing much better, but still looking period-correct!

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