73' Honda CL350 tracker/scrambler build


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Hello everyone! I'm new to the Honda twins and wanted to post my build here. I also have my build posted on other forums but figured I would try this one out.

I sold my Harley (2000 Dyna Wide Glide I cut up a little) when my back went out and didn't think I would ever be able to ride again. Fast forward 6 years, and after a spinal fusion, I'm ready to go. I didn't know what kind of motorcycle I wanted and didn't want to buy a bike just to buy one. After seeing Slipstream's CL350 scrambler build, I knew it was the bike for me.

SO... I recently purchased a basket-case with a title for $300. The guy I bought it from had a really nice restored 72' CL350 that I was ready to buy when my wife seen he had a pile of parts for sale as well. She said, "why don't you try and negotiate the price to get all these extra parts with the bike!" I have a budget of $2500, so I chose the pile of parts instead. I have a hard time cutting up old vehicles if they are in good shape and with that in mind, these was the best option. I have allot of pics and I don't have it up and running yet, but here is my progress from start to current state.

Here it is how I purchased it...

Welded the bar in and boxed in the frame. I also did some weight reduction and removed the center stand, helmet holder, and fork lock.

I also purchased a sandblaster attachment for my pressure washer and it worked amazing for stripping the engine. Here is the engine after primer and paint.

Test fit assembly and my initial paint for the tank. Later, the tank will fall and I would have to start all the way over!

I'm using the Trail tech Vapor for gauges, LED headlight, turn signals and tail lights. After market controls and electronic ignition. I have rebuilt both carbs and started with a new wiring harness. I have almost everything wired up already. I just have to fab up a coil mount before wiring will be done. I will also have to purchase a new LEB tail light strip because the one I got has some LEDs that are not working. More to come....
I started the bike for the first time yesterday. I didn't have much time, I had to take my son to basketball practice. I made a temp fuel tank just to see if it would run or not. To my surprise, it fired up on the 3rd kick! I have never had a bike do that especially when they have sit stagnate for years on end! The last time this bike was registered was 96' (I think) so I was really impressed. The engine sounded good and I need to do some fine tuning on the carbs. I did have some serious oil leaks that I have to address now. The engine cover for the stator and something on the upper right side of the engine? I also need to remove the clutch cover. I think the clutch plates are rusted together since the clutch will not disengage (I can't remember if it disengages or engages). Either way, I need to fix it so the bike will roll while in gear and the clutch lever is pulled in. I call this a victory even though it has caused more work. I will take a running engine over having to do a complete rebuild any day!
Looking good man, what paint did you use for the drums and rims ?
Rims are powder coat. I used USC 2k Epoxy spray paint on frame, hubs and swingarm. I also used Rust oleum clear coat on most everything. Thanks for the complement.
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