74 CB360 Kick start thrust washer


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Anybody know what the thickness is of the 12mm thrust washer (part 29)? I am having a tough time finding one, and might just get a local shop to make me one. Not 100% on what type of material I need to get it made in either.

If anybody has one laying around...I would gladly take it off your hands.


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It's a thrust washer made from spring steel. Can't find one at present to measure thickness but I think it's 0.25mm/ (there are a couple of different thrust washers in transmission that can fit but thicknesses vary)
Someone else will be along shortly to verify (Matt, Eric or Richard probably)
It's probably still available from Honda as 360 uses 'standard' size they kept using for years (may still use it?)


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Thanks for the info - I actually have a 360 transmission sitting under my work bench, so I will pull it apart and see what I can't find.

I found it listed on cmsnl, but paying $20 in shipping just feels wrong for a washer. Partzilla has it listed on their site as well, but says it will take 1-2 weeks before it ships. Was hoping to get one sooner.


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Yeah, shipping prices are crazy.
I'll see if I can find one to measure actual thickness


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I ordered one through bike bandit about 4 weeks ago...COVID causing loooong shipping delays. I ended up canceling the order finding one via eBay (somebody was selling a set of washers, springs, and clips for the whole spindle).

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