74 Honda CB360....Help!!!


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Hello all,

I recently became a member of this site and been posting a few topics in the last few days. I was fortunate to meet Soichiro on 600rr.net when I asked if anyone has any ideas to restore a 74 honda cb360, to make it short he guided to this forum because you guys have abundance wealth of knowledge. Here's a brief story, I recently purchased a 74 honda cb360. This bike has been sitting in a field for 15 yrs. The front wheel rolls but the back does not. The kickstart does not budge, the cables in the front are all cut up. Most if not all are rusted. I will post up the pics this weekend. I have no basic knowledge of bikes and this will be a huge project for me. This may be more than what I can chew but I am determined to learn and will get it done! I've been reading tons of info and most are like foreign language to me. I will let it all slowly sink in and will start this weekend on this monster project. To sum it all up, this is where I want to start a thread to show you guys my progress and at the same time asking for advice and guidance...so please help!

Okay, so this is what I've learned so far. The engine does not work could be 3 main reasons: Fuel delivery, ignition, and compression. Out of those 3 the least likely to be the caused is the compression and the easiest to check on is the fuel delivery. I also learned how my 2 cyl. engine works as well (what needs to happen in order for the engine to fire). I think in my case, I will have to fix all of the above since the engine is not runnning and been outside for 15 or so years. In order to get my engine started again, I've these steps I need to take in order for it to work.

Engine - take it a part, clean out the carburators, clean out the pistons, clean out anything that is rusted and old, test the compression, test for spark plugs...etc.

Fuel - clean out the gas tank and put new gas.

These are the things that I will need to purchase to get all of these done.

Rags, degreaser to clean engine, new spark plugs, fresh battery, and most importantly - TOOLS to do the job.

Please provide any advice or guidance you guys may have for me before I start this weekend. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Another one to the list.

Hi W0lf,
First things first. Sounds like your engine is frozen. Unless anyone here has a trick to get it unfrozen without taking it apart, you'll likely have to pull the head off and see what you're up against. I wouldn't try the kick starter too hard, as you might break something. Probably best to just yank the engine and pull the head off.

Also, open up the carbs and see what condition they are in. Hopefully they just need a cleaning.

The most important thing right now is to determine the condition of these two things.

Oh... and not sure if you can change the title of this thread, but if you can, it would be a good idea to say what the bike is ('74 CB 360 twin) in the title so as to catch the attention of other members that have the same bike because they'll know the most about it.


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Re: Another one to the list.

First of all, remove your spark plugs, get some penetrating oil and pour it into the cylinders (I assume your in the US, so you want some Kroil or PB Blaster or similar). Pour about 1/4 cup in each cylinder (if you can) and let it sit for a few days before you try to force anything.

While you're waiting, see if you can "free up" the gearbox. If the chain is still functioning, rock the back wheel and try and find neutral in the 'box. If that's all frozen up too, then it's definitely engine re-build time.

Good luck with it - post up some pics so we can see what you're dealing with (we all LOVE pics ;D_


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Re: Another one to the list.

+1 to Hillsy. Let the jugs soak in some sort of penetrating fluid for awhile. Does it shift at all? If so put it in 3rd or 4th and VERY GENTLY rock the bike back and forth. It should break the cylinders free. If its really fighting you STOP though. From the sound of it though, you will def need to rebuild the motor anyhow. Were there spark plugs in it when you got it? If not after 15 years your going to need to go with a 1st overbore (.25) at least to clean up the cylinders.

Things you will need for sure:

Carb kits (or you could go the right way and get some new VM30s).
- http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MIKUNI-30MM-VM-SPIGOT-MOUNT-CARBURETOR-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ150468517253QQptZMotorsQ5fATVQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories

Engine gasket kit. (make sure it comes with exhaust gaskets and replace them!)
Piston rings (remember to order the correct size for the amount of overbore you'll need).
New clutch and throttle cables (www.motionpro.com)
New plugs

Thats just scratching the surface.


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Thanks for the input fellas! I will definitely get the pics up so you guys can see what she looks like. I guess I've left out some pertinent information. The back wheel does not roll at all. The brake may be seized? The cables up at the handle bar are gone. As far as the shift goes, I can feel it clicked when I kicked it to 1st but I don't get that same feedback when I kicked it back up to 2 and above. I will start with the oil in the cylinders tomorrow and I guess wait until Monday to see if I can move it. In the mean time, I will clean her up and get all the dirt out to work on her. I will definitely, get the pics up by tomorrow so you guys can check her out.


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sounds more like you might need to sniff a differnt bike, or if you are still intrested, get the manual for this thing.

not sure if this site has it, but i do, let me know and i will see what i can do.


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^+1 the free bikes are always the most expensive, get a clymer too, I just tried to tell a friend to read his manual (haynes) to set his ignition and I came to find out the manual doesn't even list the point gap specs...


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you could find something working for under 500$ with a title.. id put ur hard work searching not ripping up garbage

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