75 CB400F SuperSport


Sleep, wrench, ride.
I picked up a CB400 SuperSport recently. It's in parts.



Kwality said:
...and what are your intentions?

Step 1: try to get the screwed up title in my name :mad:

Step 2: get her running :)

Step 3: build a sweet cafe racer ;D
Pablo83 said:
Step 1: try to get the screwed up title in my name :mad:

I'm always looking for cheap project bikes. It's unfortunate how many of these turn out to be stolen, so these days I make a point of getting a title in my name before spending any money on the bike. But step 1 is done! There was a $100 fine for the bike not being registered for the last 11 years, but at least I can start working on it now.
The PO disassembled the engine because he thought the head was bad, so I guess I'll start there.


There's some evidence that the valve seals are leaking on three of the exhaust valves. The head also needs to be resurfaced.
Pablo, our garages are very similiar...........except I don't have any welding equipment.

Signed up for this one too!
Hopefully I'll be getting the head resurfaced tonight. The head isn't in the best shape, but it isn't near as bad as the carbs. None of the floats where working properly. I think this is causing the majority of the problems with the bike.

I need one of the brackets that holds the main jet in place. I only find one for sale on eBay and it's $40 plus shipping! It's just a little sliver of metal. I could make one myself, but it's supposed to be made out of spring steel and I haven't had good luck properly tempering spring steel in the past. I can't find it for sale new anywhere (it's probably discontinued). Any ideas?

Kanticoy said:
I also have one if he doesn't.

Wow, looks like I picked the right place to post this build. Owned says he's got one in the mail for me, but thanks for the offer.
I also got the head back from the machine shop so she's ready to go back together :)... well almost :(. I'm missing one of the inner valve spring seats. It's a washer that measures 17.60mm OD, 12.75 ID, .50 thick (.698" OD, .500 ID, .020 thick). Does anyone happen to have one of those laying around? ???
I'm in the process of reassembling the head. I ordered valve seals from BikeBandit and they listed the same seal for all eight valves (intake and exhaust), but the valve guides have different outside diameters to them. Can someone verify that the intake and exhaust seals are supposed to be the same?
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