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"Pistol" Pete Boody was one of the top GL1000 (early GoldWing) restorers and carb rebuilders. He was also a very nice gentleman. Amoung many accomplishments, he restored GoldWing serial #02. Pete passed away a couple years ago and his daughter and son-in-law were tasked with inventorying and liuidating his shop contents. A two-story equivalent to a three car garage packed with bikes, carbs, tools, and NOS parts. I ended up with an Antares Red 1975 GL1000 that Pete had purchased as a project but did not get to before becoming ill. I finally moved it into my garage last week and have begun disassembly. This will be a long-term project as I want to do it justice, plus my shoulder is very slowly rehabbing from the wreck in August.

Today, the carb rack came off - my usual 1st step on these. Also, the engine guards are offand promissed to a local 'winger.
Engine guards off, carbs off, coolant and oil drained (coolant green, oil black), radiator pulled, handlebars pulled and wiring removed from them. Moving about as fast as I can (and want to) with the busted shoulder and very little space. Next will be to move it a little more out of the way so the carbs can be disassembled and go in the ultrasonic cleaner.
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A bit more this morning (PT for the shoulder this afternoon). Plenum separated (a struggle - will need new screws) and all jets, tubes, etc. removed from #1 carb. Was surprised at how nice the float bowl looked for it. Not clean by any means, but no evidence of water like I've seen in every other set I've been through. Was even able to remove the float valve seat and filter with no damage by turning down a drift punch to just fit in it, then wriggling it out patiently. I actually enjoy working on carbs like this.


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Not a lot today. Carbs are pretty much all clean. Waiting for o-rings to assemble. Moved the Triumph out of the garage and into the shed today - that gives me a lot more room to work on the GL.
I liked the early GL1000. The rumors of it being designed as a light helicopter engine, the way it revved out instead of 'going flat'
125mph in third gear (and 4th/5th, too wide to go faster so rpm was lower at same speed :p)
I liked the early GL1000. The rumors of it being designed as a light helicopter engine, the way it revved out instead of 'going flat'
125mph in third gear (and 4th/5th, too wide to go faster so rpm was lower at same speed :p)
I can vouch for that LOL.
Doh, don't you just hate it when you reply to wrong thread?


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Can accomplish so much more with the Triumph out of the way. Rear wheel, brake, fender, etc. out and then tank out. Headers and muffler (shot full of holes). Next, remove the front brakes and footpegs. Rear drive came off easy after the snap ring (not too big a struggle, but went through all of my 90 degree snap ring pliers before I found one that worked). Snaked the harness out. It will be a nice winter project to clean and fix up. A couple hours more of fiddling around, and the engine will be setting by itself on the dolly.
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All apart now, engine and frame strapped to dollies so they can go outside and be pressure washed. Looking at weather for near future, I should do that this afternoon. But, the shoulder says that it has had enough for today - go watch football.All apart b.jpg
Kind of stalled for a bit. Thanksgiving week was busy, then our family came down with Covid,so now we are isolating, and this is the first day that I've felt like getting out of bed. The usual respiratory symptoms were tough but manageable. The headaches really knocked me out, though. Finally getting relief!
Finally back in the garage (wife got me a new Fire TV for hanging from the ceiling there). Carbs are clean, rebuilt, and leak tested. Next is cleaning the engine so it can be repainted.
Finally feeling good enough to tackle this thing again. Will probably pay for it tomorrow, but the shoulder just isn't improving, so... Finalized the fuel tank vinegar cleaning, neutralized with baking soda, washed and rinsed, dried thoroughly and added over a half can of fogging oil.

Then, SHAZBOTT!! Well, not my first rodeo (although I haven't dealt with a broken belt before). Good is that the engine turns over easy (don't know about valve interference) and the coolant/oil both looked fine.

So, unplanned removal of Left head is due to see how much valve damage. And, building a couple idlers. Of course, I had a couple new belts ready for it but didn't expect to pull a head, so will have to order head gaskets. Bother.
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