'77 CB 550 throttle not returning...


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Hey everyone, I just got my carbs back on the bike after cleaning them, hooked up the throttle cables (after a lot of difficulty...) and now the throttle won't return....I don't have any pics of the carbs with the cables all set, but here are a few before I got the push reattached...

If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know...
Do you have the return spring installed on the carbs? it hooks in between the two inner carbs and runs up to the cam where the throttle cables attach.
Hey scotch, is there another return spring there as well? The only one I have attaches just inside the right most carb... Near the plate for the idle set screw...if so I think I need a new one (thought the addendum to the 77 cb550k showed the return spring as being there).
Got the fuel line linked up today only to find out that I'm leaking fuel out of the float bowl gaskets of my carbs..poke like a full rebuild is in order...need to replace the frayed push cable ... And get a new battery... :) fun memorial day
Do you have enough slack in the cables? Tight cables won't return easily.

Looking at the return cable in the pic, I'd assume it might be tight. You should be able to loosen them up from the throttle grip side.

This is a different rack of carbs that i found on an image search, but it'll show you the right idea of where the return spring should be. There's a little cylinder that fits in between the two inner carbs that needs to be installed before the carbs are mounted onto the plate that holds all 4 and the throttle assembly. The spring hooks onto the small cylinder and then onto the throttle cam.
The throttle return spring on 77 cb550k's is on the idle set screw (see picture). I think it was mainly an issue with the cables being 1) too tight and 2) not well oiled.

I'm going to get a whole new set anyways, I've heard the Motion Pro cables are a good fit. Anyone have any experience with them? Or other recommendations?

Also, if anyone has a good recommendation for carb rebuild kits for the 77 k3 please let me know :)
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