'77 GS750B, "Hahn" Tankenstine.

Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

I am really digging this engine that Joeyputt has done.

I am thinking of the same thing but with red instead of gold. Not sure yet as I was thinking of using gunmetal gray.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Hey Brodie,

I second the vapor blasting thing. I dropped in at a local shop and the results are beautiful. The guy said $300 - $400 to get the whole engine done.

Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Would have gotten that done if the budget allowed. The soda blasting worked well enough. This bike will not be a garage queen but it won't be ratty either.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Here are the pictures I forgot to upload of the propane torch working.



Got a bit of sanding done on the tank as well, there are so many bog spots on it and dents that I am considering fitting a different tank, I have been looking at a GS1100 tank but think it might be a bit large for the bike.


Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

There are a few spots that I still need to clean up. It worked out well enough though.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Most of the way through painting the cases. Still not sure about the top ends colour.
Re: Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Brodie said:
Most of the way through painting the cases. Still not sure about the top ends colour.

Pink. Okay not really. Theres a guy on youtube that did a gun metal and silver it looked really good!

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Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" STUCK NO MORE!

Gun metal metallic and metallic red was my plan.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

I have been quite slack of late. Have not been home to often to work on the bike. Have been having issues with the girlfriends new car but that is all sorted now. The gasket kit arrived yesterday so I will be able to get the bottom end finished once I finish painting the cases. I have done all the smaller pieces and will move on to the larger two this arvo.

Work has been slow so I have been missing out on my bike fund lately. All that is left to buy now is a nos piston and rings for all four. Once they arrive, which will most likely be a month away thanks to postage times, I can get the engine bolted back together. I also need to get the dyna s and new stator.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

Looks like a fun project. i just for a 78 GS750 a few months ago. Looking forward to see how your's turns out.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

Thanks Loose, I will keep an eye on your thread, looks like we have a few ideas in common.

As for the update I did not manage to get anything done over the past week. Have been really busy with family obligations.

I have managed to track down a set of 4 piston rings for $85, they seem a bit cheap as the local dealer wanted $75 for each piston. Has anyone heard of HY piston rings before? Looks like it may be the way to go considering my tiny budget.

On the upside I have managed to get a bit more planning done and worked out a few things with the wiring harness. Now I just need to buy all the parts to build it.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

Found out that my shift shaft was bent today, don't know how I missed that before. I put off buying the piston rings because I had to get a new shift shaft. Decided to buy a new timing advancer as well to replace the one I buggered up. Got a bit of prep work done on the last of the parts to be painted and managed to get the cylinders half painted before I ran out of paint. More tomorrow..
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

Ha so do I. I have been slack of late. Been a bit crook to but I will try to get the head pulled apart this weekend so that I can paint it. After that I will move onto the forks and said for the engine parts I need.
'77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

At least show us some pics. You are making me cry.
Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues.

Ok, I am at work so I can't downsize the picture. See if it works off my mobile


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