82 Virago 750 help a buddy get back on the road winter project.


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OK a lady I work with knows I tinker on sickles and her husband has a bike a friend was supposed to get it running better and shagged it up.I checked it over tonight and a few bits and I'll get it to the point I'll know I can fix it or toss it.


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So that can gear was spun and I wonder can I swap the gear over to prevent the spinning again.
There's bound to be a donor engine somewhere with a cam sprocket. Flipping it might work to make sure everything turns over, but I wouldn't run it like that.
As long as the offset is the same and you transfer the timing mark I don't see why you can't run that sprocket backwards.
I have to agree with Hillsy, if the offset is the same then no reason why you cant run her backwards.
Took some serious torque to rip that gear out... ask yourself what could interfere with the cam to cause the damage. I will buy you the head gasket if a valve is not bent :eek:
Ha I typed a reply but it didn't show up. Anyway yes the cam was seized and has been replaced along with followers/rockers, the cam lobes are brand new and it spins in the head so that much was done by the previous "Mechanic" I am going to bolt the cam gear on, get the missing tappet adjusters and set the valves/timing etc then turn it over slow, if it doesn't make any bad noises and turns easy, I'll do a compression check, if that checks out, I'll keep going, if it doesn't I'll take the head back off and see what's wrong. It looks like it was put on and the guy did tell Jimmy he didn't torque the head yet so I will do that as well.
Did up a basket in Bikebandit, they have everything but one bolt I should be able to find someplace. its on the fiche but not the parts list, doesn't look special so I should be able to get it. less than 50 for the missing stuff so not too bad.
I have to clarify something. I think the owner said buddy told him there are no head gaskets on this bike, which is wrong, so I am going to lift the head off a bit and see if there is the head and cam chain opening gaskets, no point torquing the head down and doing a compression check if dude didn't put the gaskets in.
So I talked to Jimmy the owner and his buddy told him Viragos don't use head gaskets, since the FSM and parts fiche says the do, a top end gasket kit is ordered and I will be pulling the head. I think I am going to pull all the rockers and cam and everything out and double check and measure them to be sure that everything is ok. Man some peoples children shouldn't be allowed to play with tools! I could have put it all together, did a compression check and found out the hard way when air pissed out between the jug and head.
Ha so true Bozz. The guy is a sled mechanic and does 2 strokes all day long I guess. A lot of 2 strokes don't use a head gasket so that's likely where he is coming from but still. look it up in the fucking book. He was definately winging it without a manual. Sad thing is the bike was with the dude 3 years and he was supposed to be doing a favor. The wife is sure she got a gasket kit to back when the job was started and it would have had the head and cam chain opening gaskets in it.
Popped the head off. Looks OK I side the old head gasket was there along with the oring for around the cam chain opening but both were the old original and suspect. New ones coming. 2 mins with a scotch Brits and piston shows no damage. Bore is perfect. Mirror shine no signs of damage or wear. Valves seat proper so I feel better now. The only weird thing was dude before me put a red something that was like saran wrap on the head, my guess is a sealant used on 2 strokes. I cleaned it all off a d won't be using it.


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