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Alright guys - SO if anyone's seen the build thread, youll know that my bike is on the road! Sweet!!! ......but.... Last night while out for a shakedown, I hit a pot hole and bounced my tail light off of my rear tire. Suffice to say, the tail light is no more....

Does anyone have a Honda CB tail light theyre willing to sell and overnight to pittsburgh!?!?! I think they were pretty standard in the smaller CC's...but mine is a 175.

Thanks a lot guys!! Gotta get back on the roooooad!

Ditto on what Go! said. I have a few 360 tail lights here too, I think they're all different though. Post a pic of what it's supposed to look like?
Thanks everybody for the support! DTT is the SHIT! The 350 light is not exactly the same, but its very close (nothing I cant fenangle) The early model 350's look to be exactly the same though.

Mike - Filled up my usual gmail account so heres the alternative one: - you have my number? If not - fo wun tew - 596 - 5035


And, Mike - youll finally get the see the bike bro!

Would this one fit? From a CB500T:



what exact part do you need? the lens, the housing??

I can bring it to you. I'm in Moon
TJ - Thank you - I think it will. As far as I can tell the light shape varies a bit but the mounts are the same.

I think Mike (vonyinzer) is gonna hook me up though - Hes local. I really really really appreciate all of you offering to help me out though. Makes me wanna buy ya all some alcoholic beverages!!!
Any time after 5 I oughta be at the house. Or if you wanna meet for lunch downtown or something?

Whatever works best for you brother! Doing me a majjjjor solid!

Im going to be swamped at work all day tomorrow, so after 5 would be best. Ill call ya in the afternoon or shoot ya ann email. All good man, dont sweat it.
That's kinda why I offered...even though I'm near hte airport, I'm also local. I'm unemployed, bored, and need places to ride my bike...I'm sick of using gas only to not end up at a destination...and when I do end up at a destination, I end up spending money, which doesn't make the wife happy.

So...You want the 500 light? I'll deliver it to you, wherever you might be.

Let me know, I'm available all day today, and tomorrow before 3PM (have to pick up son at school and take him to baseball practice)
Yo TJ thanks again man - I think Mike is going to bring his down sometime tonight - I dont free up till after about 5.

I much appreciate the offer bro - Ill shoot you a message if something changes!

Thanks again everybody for the help.
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