Alloy Rear 18" 36 hole rim - Toronto area preferred


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Looking to do up a Suzuki 4LS onto the front wheel of a CB750 and wanted to try it with something like the XS650 rear rim. Prefer local as they're a bitch to ship. Let me know if you have something...Thanks
Steverino said:
Thanks...I'll take a look.


My buddy is replacing his front Sun rim for an Excel to match a new rear rim... it a SUN WM6,
not sure if it is 36 or 40 hole, pretty sure it is 18 in. It on the bike right now - KZ900, riding it in
this fine weather. He is located in Hamilton... not sure on what the timeline is for the swapover -
he also wants to replace some slightly rusty nickle plated nipples while he is at it.
Are you in a hurry? I can get more details if interested...
He has got a 110 tire on there right now - is that wide enough?
I might have what you need - let me check my garage rafters :) Pretty sure I have a complete XS650 rear wheel up there with a shouldered alloy rim on it.
Thanks Tim, Depending on the price of a complete wheel versus a new rim for $100......we'll see what the difference is.
Not fussy on raised rim or not...just alloy.

Like you Yamy cafe pics by the way...howz it run?


Turns out it is a 19" x 40 hole so I was completely off the mark...

Milton swap meet is soon, so maybe some luck there?
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