Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!


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So... It seems that there has been an influx of new members from PA recently. So I talked to Tim and now we have our own section! So, everyone sign in! Ill get it started:


Beaver County (for now)

72cb350 "the Supernaut":
72 Suzuki T250 "the Astro Zombie" :
Box of cb360 parts and a motor... who knows where that will go! ha ha ha
Thanks Tim! There is a lot of us now.....


Technically in Beaver County but literally across the street from Lawrence County

1968 CL175 Vicarious (Vicky for short)
and a mostly stock Suzuki GR650
Awesome ;D.


Beaver County (temporarily removed), State College (for another year), Harrisburg (this summer).

1972 CB 350 K4

Moon Township

1977 GL1000
and a basket case '76 CB500T that I'll sell to anyone in the area...see "selling" section
Go! (Lauren Lovely)

Sellersville (east pa)

1968 CB350
a few others still in Texas. on the hunt for more projects ;)
Former resident of the lovely city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently residing in State College, Pennsyltucky.
'73 CB350 in the works
Scott and son Matt

Selinsgrove, PA about 40 miles north of Harrisburg - Susquehanna University is located here. Selinsgrove Speedway too!

1975 Honda CB750F running
1975 Honda CB750F waiting restoration
1976 Honda CB750F parts bike
1976 Honda CB750K waiting restoration

And a few Buells.....
John (J. Fish) -

Resident of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA! Does it git more burgh for yinz?!

My bike is a 1972 Honda CL175, and Im on the hunt for something else! BMW?

Myerstown, Pa

1982 XS 650



South Philadelphia! I can see Geno's from my house.

'72 CB350 K4 -

Pile of cb350 parts is ever growing, whole load of random CB750 SS parts I got from a friendly neighbor

What does everyone do for a job around here? I'm always interested in how diverse the Cafe culture is and the amazing work that is accomplished on this site from all walks of life. I'm an Industrial Designer working in a design and prototyping studio in the Germantown area of Philly.
I'm in school for pastry arts. Currently working at a pre-school north of Philly.
Yessir, I do know Adam. I should be around there more next month, working for him. Had to really focus on school this month (term projects and all) so I only got to spend a few evenings there. I should be around Tuesdays and Thursdays, and some nights soon.
Hi, David from Pittsburgh ( South Hills ). My daily driver is a 1983 GS1100e or my 93 GSXR600. Currently working on a 79 GS750E and an 82 GS550E. Yeah I like Suzuki's. lol

Also in the stable, a 71 Bridgestone 250, a 73 Kawi S2, a CB350, and a CB500. The Honda's are complete, but non runners. Not sure what I'm going to do with the others.
Hey everyone,

I'm Leigh, I am actually 'Bobdot's' roommate.

I have a stock 76 Honda cb360 with plans to cafe (shelfed for now as its more of a daily rider) and a project 72 Kawasaki G4 100cc that I plan to turn into a bucket racer. I am from Australia originally and Bob and I spend a lot of our free time in our garage in South Philly working on our bikes. I will be making a build page for the Kawasaki soon.
Hello everyone My name is Bruce and I just joined this group. I live in Northern Liberties Philly and ride an '81 kz550, '78 Triumph Bonney, and soon a '72 Yamaha r5 two smoker. I also have 2 '68 BSA 250 project bikes. I have owned the Triumph for 14 years now. I have owned a few XS650s and really enjoyed them. I love the cafe culture and even went to the Ace in London on my honeymoon! Attention Philly peeps to got to the Abbaye for Two Wheeled Tuesday. It would be fun to set up some night rides during the week around the drives (West River, Kelly, and Lincoln). Let me know!
Wow, the folks from Philly are really coming out of the wood work. Welcome to the madness fellas!
Woohooo more philly folks! ;D

Welcome Bruce, Leigh, and Bobdot!
Hi all - T.C. in Horsham (just outside of Philly).

I do graphic and web design for an IT company in Bala Cynwyd.

Currently have a '74 Norton MkII that I'm about to tear down and build into a nice kaff, but looking to pick something up in the meantime so I don't go insane for lack of something to ride. Gonna have to get used to shifting on the left...
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