Any experience with induction heating?


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I've been really curious about this. I've seen plenty of videos showing how fast and effective they are for heating up steel. I'd love to have something like that for heating up steel in the shop versus using my oxy/acetylene torch.

The tech just isn't in my realm of expertise. So I'm clueless when it comes to those DIY projects/versions of it. Is there a decent one you can just purchase out there? I mainly would use it for heating up frame tubing and the like for bending.


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The one I have used was shaped like a coil on the end of two leads on a tool the size of a curling iron. Its main purpose was heating up large bolts in a diesel repair shop. It worked amazing on things like frame or suspension bolts which normally are never disturbed and are rusted bad - especially here in the rust belt. The metal was red hot in no time, and surrounding surfaces were minimally disturbed. If I remember correctly the end could be shaped to specific shapes/jobs. I dont see why it could not work on tubing jobs. I know it came off the snap on truck but I dont recall the brand name. It is neat tech for sure.


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I’ve used one in similar situations as snout on old buses and Diesel engine bolts mainly they do work well I would have thought it would work quite well on tubing too


I have an induction burner in my kitchen. Crazy fast heat up time.

No industrial/shop experience, though.

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