August 2016 BOTM Nominations


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Here are the Nomination Rules:

1. Nominate one of our members' bikes for Bike of the Month - include up to 3 flattering pictures of the bike in question. This is an opportunity to recognize someone who's bike has inspired you.

Please don't nominate your own bike - make sure you have a well detailed build thread, post up in the Show n Shine area etc. and if enough people like your bike, someone will nominate it and maybe you'll see it as our banner in an upcoming month!

The Nomination MUST be accompanied by the member's User Name, a link to the thread where their bike is best described (Build thread, Show n Shine etc.) and a PHOTO of the bike in question.

2. Someone seconds the nomination (please only second one nomination)

3. Member should accept the nomination - If you're nominating a bike, make sure you're in contact with the owner, that they want the bike included and they accept the nomination. The Nominee should provide some back-story on the project, especially if there is a limited build thread.

4. Bike must be in running roadworthy condition - no basket cases. I know our bikes are never really 'finished' but it should be on the road and rideable.

5. If a bike has been nominated in the previous month it should not be included in the current month's contest. Skip a month and nominate in a subsequent month.

6. Bikes that have won in prior contests should not be included unless they have been modified significantly.

We will accept nominations for a few days till we have a good selection to a limit of 5 bikes per contest.

A poll will be set up and voting will take place for a week or so depending on timing. Whoever ends the voting period with the most votes wins :D

Ultimately the voters will decide!

As a reward, we will use a picture of the winner's bike on the site banner for the following month.
I'll nominate Swans 1966 Triumph 650 restoration. I think it deserves some attention. :)


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I nominate Green199's little CB:


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I would like to nominate Semmins' Ducati 900 SS

3 bikes = a contest

Nominations closed, voting thread to follow. Thanks for the great lineup this month!
I have been lurking this build through... It seems to fit this months theme so why not!

I nominate Daffysaurus's XL175 Urban Eduro: A school research project.

Save the XL175 for September - I mentioned above the nom's were closed with the three bikes. Will post up a voting thread just haven't had time to put it together.
Tim said:
Save the XL175 for September - I mentioned above the nom's were closed with the three bikes. Will post up a voting thread just haven't had time to put it together.

What can it hurt to put it in Tim... you need to learn to close it not just post a note. Hell it's still open.
yozzer74 said:
Can we not nominate another bike I wanted to nominate yorkie350 hailwood rep.

The banner says it's still open, but Timmeh is too busy (or lost interest) to keep up the site, but I sure wouldn't want the job lol
Thank you Maritime and Goldy for the nomination, what a nice surprise, I accept ! I built this bike for myself, to keep for life. She has 350 break-in miles and is purring. Here are few more before and after pics:

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