Bauer electric 1/2" impact


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Ok, maybe Harbor Freight isn't everyone's favorite tool store for tools that really "do it". But, this 110V 8.5 amp tool has1050 ft-lbs breakaway torque, and in just a half dozen uses has me thinking it is The Beast! Kinda heavy and awkward if in tight spaces, but for big tight nuts on axles, sprockets and cranks it is great. I wouldn't install anything with it as I fear it would wring them right off. I bought mine on sale last year for about 80 bucks (they only list for 90). Yesterday I replaced the clutch push rod and seal on a DL650, requiring removal of a 34mm sprocket nut torqued to 105 ft lbs, fine thread, and been there a long time. Had read horror stories of having to cut the nut off and such. Ran an extension cord out to were the bike was, put the socket on the nut and zing! I know a battery impact is handy, but when you really need all you can put into a 1/2" impact socket, this thing will do it. And how often do you need that much force without 110 available (in the USA)?
Dang, I'm gonna have to check that out....I gotta weenie 800lb one, its battery powered which is handy but I dont mind running cords....
I had the Canuckistan equal. Still do.but one real stubborn set of rear suspension links on and xtrail and I burned out the brushes. Still have it but since I got my pneumatic and battery ones I havent fixed it. It did qork great for 2-3 years until I abused it to death though.
I hear ya on the HF stuff. My only bad experience w/ their tools has been w/ screwdrivers and screwdriver bits that don't seem to hold up well. Other than that I have nothing but positive to say about the plethora of their hand tools in my shop. If I were twisting wrenches, turning sockets, or spraying paint all day, every day, I'd spend big bux on the name brands. So many things like gear pullers, grinders, and other stuff I only use once or twice a year and the HF stuff has held up and performed well for me.
My Dad bought some of their wrenches....ugly but tough. I've got some in my toolbox....its nice to have a wrench you dont care about putting a six foot breaker bar on lol.
The Bauer stuff I have bought has been great. I own a few of their tools now.

I have two battery impact guns from Ryobi and while they are a spot on the weak side they both have been kickass. I just use a big breaker bar for breaking high torqued nuts/bolts, but the battery impact will blast off/on most of the time.
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