Boardtrack racers ?


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This would go pretty quick around the boards.

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found this titled "Not so happy Indian owners"


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Swagger said:
Exactly.....a Lifan 150cc with cam, porting and an overbore piston (roughly 172cc) have made around 15hp 'fairly' reliably.....and weighs about the same as one of those old cast iron pistons! hahaha
if you used the Honda CG125, here's a link or two on how to tune them!!!!

just a bit of food for thought 8)

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some info for making your exhaust
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Found these pics and wanted to share. I am sure they will get re-sized to fit on the thread but click on "properties" and check out the original. Awesome size and detail... I'm gonna print the first on on some "card stock".



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No valve covers man,..... haha So rad! Look at how banked the track is... Those guys could haul some ass around that track. That vid of those guys in germany is a pretty weak attempt at recreating the race and style.

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Obviously the engine has ran, but how does it move? I know they usually had a large belt driven "pully" on the rear almost the same size as the tire... but not seeing a drive mechanism of any type in either picture. Plus just noticed the empty chain sprocket on the rear wheel. Bicycle origin project I wonder?


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Those are awesome photos, but completely staged... there really is no method of drive on that one!

I think you'll find there is supposed to be a chain going to that sprocket but someone forgot to put it on for the photo shoot...

It looks to me like the right pedal is being used to support the bike against the banked surface so he can give the illusion of speed.

There is lots of detail in there for inspiration though...

Edit: Looking closer again I think I'm wrong about the pedal support, maybe someone's just pushing him so he can coast past for the photos...

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I dont think it's a Dr'd photo at all.. it's obvious he's either standing still or rolling very slow. My comment was how fast one "could" ride on a track that banked. And I noticed no chain or counter sprocket. There wouldnt be 20 drops of oil right there if he was moving. He's doing the vroom-vroom like we all do!


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There is no clutch or countershaft. It is direct drive from the engine crankshaft to the sprocket in the rear wheel. So if you want to push the bike onto the track for a photo shoot, you have to carry the bike with the back wheel off the ground, or slip the connector link off the chain and remove it. At least we had a clutch on our speedway bikes!

I've been over 100 mph with no brakes, and the most frightening part is having 6 other guys doing the same thing next to you! Good luck with the board racing, at least the track is clean. If you loose it on one of those corners, not only are you going 100mph plus, but you are airborne, 60 feet in the air and climbing!


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This one is a bit old but I wanted to see if anyone is still building there own? I have really been thinking of using a older beach cruiser bike frame and chopping it up to build one. There are tons of people using the 2 stroke kits but I was going to use a 6.5hp OHV motor from harbor freight. The plan is to run a belt drive with a centrifugal clutch and probably no pedals (shouldn't need any with that much power) Thought it would be fun to ride around the neighborhood and use as a pit bike.

So has anyone found any good build like this I can draw inspiration from?

Any tips tricks or ideas are always welcome!

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